All information courtesy Joseph R. Galvan (Sgt. / USAF 1969-1973)

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S/Sgt. Eusebio Galvan (E Company, 16 Infantry) received this letter from Germany while recovering from wounds in a hospital in England. The letter is from Lt. Thad A. Shaw, who wrote it as the First Division was fighting toward the Roer River. The letter reads:



February 16, 1945


I suppose you thought that I was too lazy to answer your letter, but the truth is that I only received it four days ago. Not much good mail service, two months! Yes, Galvan, it is true that Sgt. Ellis was killed, also Ryan, and most of the rest of us were wounded, some badly and some not. I agree with you, Ellis was a mighty good man. Little is back, a S/Sgt—Callahan has never been reinstated and is now Sgt. [Illegible] Bunnetta got back and made him a Sgt. Dunlap should be S/Sgt by now. I am over in the 3rd Bn. (K C.) now. Former 1st Sgt. Fitzsimmons got a commission and has now gone back to the States on leave. Sgt. Toth also went home on leave. [Illegible] is 1st Sgt. but is all washed up. That is most of the important news that I can remember. I hope you get this in a reasonable length of time. Best of luck to you, and don't come back unless you have to. The outfit isn't the same anymore.

I knew that you were hit in the face, but had the impression that it was not very bad. However, you should be in good shape by now. The big boys are drawing goose eggs on their damn maps for the First Division now. It looks bad but I am always pessimistic about every damn campaign. Am mighty glad you wrote and would enjoy hearing from you again. I repeat, don't come back unless you have to.

Very truly,

Thad Shaw