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Motion picture bonus: flamethrower in action

Sound clip: Wounded the day after Thanksgiving (and how Vinny remembers that was the day).

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Vinny and his sister Jean in Brooklyn before the war.

DiGaetano's future wife, Christine (at left), at age 16 in 1941--around the time she first met Vinny. Chris was from south Brooklyn, Carroll Street and Third Avenue. Chris and Vinny were married in 1947.

Basic training: exercises such as this were the fun part. It didn't happen often.

Sgt. Vinny DiGaetano

Civilian DiGaetano (in a blurry photo), 1950.

Vinny's brother-in-law, Henry "Hank" Canone who served with the 9th Armored Division and took part in the defense of Bastogne. Hank was married to Stella DiGaetano.

Chris and Vinny with daughter, Christine. Around 1965.

Vinny upon receiving a surprise bonus at work, around 1965.

Chris in Vinny in the Poconos, 1968.

Vinny in the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, 29 May 1994, in a supplement devoted to the 50th anniversary of D-Day.

BELOW: Vinny DiGaetano (with knife in his left hand) outside his home on Long Island. (all photos below by Chuck Solomon, 2000)

Vinny with knife and loot that wasn't pilfered from his barracks bag. At right is German camera. Underneath is the enemy's flag.

Vinny and Chris DiGaetano.

Vinny and grandchild.

...more grandchildren.

...and some of the rest of the family.