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1) Sgt. Clarence Colson on Streczyk: "He wasn't West Point material but I'll tell you what: there wasn't a braver man that walked the ground."

2) Capt. Ed Wozenski on Streczyk "The greatest unsung hero of World War II"

3) Pfc. Bruce Buck on Streczyk: "He was good. He knew what he was doing."

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Phil Streczyk (right), his mom (center) and brother, John, who served with the Seabees in the Pacific.

Phil Streczyk as Tech. Sgt.

Streczyk (left) in what appears to be a photo from basic training.

Photo above: Path through a minefield up from Easy Red. This was the trail blazed by Wozenski's platoon led by Lt. John M. Spalding and Sgt. Phil Streczyk.

Phil Streczyk, DSC news (his parents had moved to NYC during the war)

Streczyk receiving the British Military Medal for D-Day. An autographed photograph, from Gen. Montgomery, was sent via channels.

Phil Streczyk (far right) and his platoon in England before D-Day.

Streczyk's military record.

Newspaper story from the Streczyk family album. It probably appeared in a New Brunswick, New Jersey-area newspaper in early 1945.

Phil Streczyk and family in St. Petersburg, Florida after the war.

The 2nd Battalion, 16th Infantry, march through the Kasserine Pass and on to Kasserine and Farriana, Tunisia. 26 Feb 1943. Photographer: McGray (SC 167571)


BELOW: Cartoon maps of Streczyk's war (from the regimental, 16TH INFANTRY: 1798-1946.) Photograph from the National Archives.

Ousseltia Valley

Kasserine Pass

Invasion of Sicily

Sicilian campaign


Breakthrough at Marigny

[The Siegfried Line battles  were not included in this series of maps.]