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Bill O'Reilly Whacks Murtha

Transcript of segment: October 16, 2008

See the video at the link: Windows media


BILL O'REILLY: Congressman John Murtha of Pennsylvania says Barack Obama might have some problems in the Keystone State.

[Video of Murtha's remarks at a press conference:]

“There's no question Western Pennsylvania is a racist area. When I say racist area…I mean, it… they’re…older people are hesitant…they’re slow in seeing change…real change. It’s better though than it was two or three months ago.”

Well, a day after saying that, Murtha apologized, but is he really sorry or just playing politics. Because that kind of thing does not help Senator Obama.

You make the call on that.

It is worth remembering that Murtha verbally convicted a number of Marines in the Haditha incident in Iraq. Those Marines were later found not guilty and Murtha should apologize to every one of them.

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