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On the February 9, 2007 broadcast of Fox News' Hannity & Colmes, co-host Alan Colmes stated that there had been "confessions and convictions" in the Haditha Marine case. This is absolutely false and outrageous.

Many, many people sent e-mails in protest. As a result, on the February 12th broadcast of Hannity & Colmes, Alan Colmes apologized for his statement.

We will continue to do everything in our power to turn back the media onslaught against our Marines

On May 11, 2007, we blasted Reuters with e-mails protesting their reporter's addition of sensationalistic details to reporting from the Capt. Stone hearing. On May 12th, we got Reuters to issue a correction.


News: February 4, 2005-July 5, 2007


A timeline: May 7, 2005-December 21, 2006 

About Haditha

Interview with Mark Zaid, attorney for S/Sgt. Frank D. Wuterich

Murtha: The libel suit

Other US casualties in Haditha


SSgt Wuterich's attorneys demanded an apology from Congressman Murtha and Congressman Kline. Only Congressman Kline responded.


News: February 4, 2005-July 5, 2007

Fallujah case: Marines face scrutiny in Iraqi deaths: Investigators are examining allegations that troops wrongfully killed unarmed prisoners in 2004 during the fierce battle for Fallouja. Tony Perry, Los Angeles Times, July 5, 2007.

Quote: During the six-week battle in Fallouja, 71 U.S. personnel were killed and 623 wounded, according to the U.S. military. Marines from the 3rd Battalion, 1st Regiment, were involved in some of the most praised and controversial combat incidents.
Two Marines from the Three-One — Sgt.-Maj. Brad Kasal and Sgt. Robert Mitchell — were awarded the Navy Cross, second only to the Medal of Honor, for their actions during close combat inside what was called Hell House in Fallouja. President Bush singled out the Three-One for praise.
Mitchell is a possible character witness for the Marines in the Haditha case. He was not part of the squad under investigation in the Fallouja incident. Nonetheless, some family members of Haditha defendants have voiced suspicions that the investigation of the Fallouja allegations is aimed at discrediting character witnesses.

Details surface in Haditha killings, Tony Perry, Los Angeles Times, July 2, 2007. [Discussion]

Don Dinsmore, Father of two Marines lends support to troops on trial, San Diego Union Tribune, June 29, 2007.

Don Dinsmore, Supporters rally for accused Marines, North County Times, June 29, 2007.

Don Dinsmore, Father of Marine Leads Bike Rally, NBC San Diego, June 28, 2007.

Don Dinsmore, Thursday rally for accused Marines, North County Times, June 25, 2007.

Iraq cases struggle to obtain testimony, San Diego Union Tribune, June 24, 2007.

A Marine Tutorial on Media 'Spin', Paul von Zielbauer, New York Times, June 24, 2007.

Another day, another leak. Capt. Randy Stone. Lesser charge recommended against Marine, Associated Press, June 20, 2007.


LCpl. Sharratt Article 32 / Day Five / June 15, Friday

Family: Marine will be cleared, South Bend Tribune, June 16, 2007.

A day when death is on the minds of many at base, Tony Perry, Los Angeles Times, June 16, 2007.

Major development: LCpl. Justin Sharratt. Haditha case officer doubts prosecution claims of execution, San Diego Union Tribune, June 16, 2007.

Major development: Hearing officer challenges Haditha prosecution, North County Times, June 15, 2007.

Quote, Investigating Officer, Lt. Col. Paul Ware: "To me it seems the most important issue is whether the Marines perceived a hostile threat. It comes down to credibility to determine if this case should go to trial."

Major development: Hearing officer: Evidence does not support murder case, North County Times, June 15, 2007.

Quote, Investigating Officer, Lt. Col. Paul Ware: "The account you want me to believe does not support unpremeditated murder," Ware told the lead prosecutor, Maj. Daren Erickson. "Your theories don't match the reason you say we should go to trial."
"What the evidence points to is that the version of the Iraqis isn't really supported," Ware said.

LCpl. Sharratt Article 32 / Day Four / June 14, Thursday

Marine tells of pointed guns, Tony Perry, Los Angeles Times, June 15, 2007.

Marine claims self-defense in Haditha, San Diego Union Tribune, June 15, 2007.

Accused Haditha Marine says he acted properly in shootings, North County Times, June 14, 2007.

Marine maintains he shot in self-defense, North County Times, June 14, 2007.

Marine defendant says squad did not execute Iraqis at Haditha, Associated Press, June 14, 2007. [Story no longer at original url.]

Quote, Associated Press:A Marine accused of murdering three Iraqi men in a squad action that killed 24 Iraqis in Haditha told a military court Thursday that he killed them because he believed they were insurgents and at least two of them were pointing machine guns at him.
"I kept firing until my magazine was empty, because I didn't know if they had body armor on or suicide vests," Sharratt said during his 20-minute statement. "We did not execute any Iraqi men."
"When the insurgent popped back out from behind the door, I shot him once in the head and he fell backwards," Sharratt said. He claimed that he then heard another man loading an AK-47 in an adjoining bedroom.
"As I stepped into the doorway, to my front was another insurgent with his AK-47 waist level as though he had just completed racking it," Sharratt read from his prepared statement. "I immediately fired at his head and chest. ... After shooting him, I continued to shoot the other individuals in the room."
Sharratt, of Canonsburg, Pa., said he ran out of ammunition and yelled, "I'm out." Wuterich came into the room and fired at the men as well. Prosecutors say Wuterich is responsible for the death of a fourth man in the room.
As he read his statement, Sharratt's parents cried.
"We are just so disappointed in what the Marine Corps is doing," said father Darryl Sharratt outside the courtroom. "We feel they have abandoned him."

Marine accused in Haditha killings denies executing Iraqis, San Diego Union Tribune, June 14, 2007.

Quote, LCpl. Justin Sharratt: “We did not execute any Iraqi males,” Lance Cpl. Justin Sharratt read from an unsworn statement during his preliminary hearing at Camp Pendleton. “I'm a disciplined Marine and have always tried to act professionally with the civilian population.”
"(I) would not change any of the decisions I made that day,” he continued. “I would rather be tried by a jury of my peers than be carried by six of my friends in a casket.”
“Nobody could really understand combat until they've been there.”

Former Marine says Haditha squad was not under fire, The Associated Press, June 14, 2007

LCpl. Sharratt Article 32 / Day Three / June 13, Wednesday

Forensic Experts Testify That 4 Iraqis Killed by Marines Were Shot From a Few Feet Away, New York Times, June 15, 2007.

Haditha deaths came on day of chaotic battle, North County Times, June 13, 2007

Chaotic day in Haditha described in military court, North County Times, June 13, 2007.

Lance corporal admitted to shooting, Marine says, San Diego Union Tribune, June 14, 2007


Lt Andrew Grayson. Marine may not be eligible for Haditha prosecution, Associated Press (story posted on the Free Republic news forum), June 13, 2007.


LCpl. Sharratt Article 32 / Day Two / June 12, Tuesday

US inquiry hampered by Iraq violence, investigators say, Paul von Zielbauer, New York Times, June 13, 2007.

Accounts differ on Haditha slayings, San Diego Union Tribune, June 13, 2007

Accused Haditha Marine passed polygraph exam, North County Times, June 12, 2007.

LCpl. Sharratt Article 32 / Day One / June 11, Monday

Haditha killing inquiry opens for Marine, San Diego Union Tribune, June 12, 2007.

Accused Haditha shooter gets day in court, North County Times, June 12, 2007

Hearing for Marine in Haditha battle, Allison Hoffman, Associated Press, June 11, 2007. [Story no longer at original url.]

Quote, Gary Myers: "The forensics in this case dispel the notion that this was an execution," said his attorney, Gary Myers. "He's not a murderer. Rather, he's extremely brave."


LCpl. Justin Sharratt. Murder hearing starts Monday for Marine from state, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, June 9, 2007. [Story no longer at original url.]

Major news: Capt. Randy W. Stone, Maj. Thomas McCann. Report suggests dropping charges against officer in Haditha case, North County Times, June 9, 2007.

Major news: Capt. Randy W. Stone, Maj. Thomas McCann. Officer advises dropping Haditha charges, Associated Press, June 9, 2007.


Lt. Col. Chessani Article 32 / Day Eleven / June 11, Monday

Hearing concludes for officer accused of not probing Haditha deaths, North County Times, June 12, 2007.

Lawyers close in Haditha case, Baltimore Sun, June 12, 2007.

Prosecutors say US officers ignored Haditha reality, Reuters, June 11, 2007.

Lt. Col. Chessani Article 32 / Day Ten / June 9, Saturday

Accused Haditha officer defends Haditha decisions, North County Times, June 9, 2007.

Senior officer at Haditha gives formal statement, Tony Perry, Los Angeles Times, June 9, 2007.

Top Marine in Haditha case claims innocence, San Diego Union Tribune, June 9, 2007.

Officer in Haditha Case to Speak, Associated Press, June 9, 2007

Lt. Col. Chessani Article 32 / Day Nine / June 8, Friday

No media coverage of testimony.

Lt. Col. Chessani Article 32 / Day Eight / June 7, Thursday

Staff Sgt. Justin Laughner. Marine says he was ordered to destroy Haditha photos, Associated Press, June 8, 2007.

Staff Sgt. Justin Laughner. Marine says he erased photos of Haditha victims, Tony Perry, Los Angeles Times, June 8, 2007.

Staff Sgt. Justin Laughner. Marine testifies he was pressured to erase Haditha photos, San Diego Union Tribune, June 7, 2007.

Lt. Col. Chessani Article 32 / Day Seven / June 6, Wednesday

Capt. Jeffrey Dinsmore. Haditha slayings were seen as combat-related: Officers decided that the 24 Iraqi civilian deaths occurred amid a complex insurgent attack, a Marine testifies, Los Angeles Times, June 7, 2007.

Capt. Jeffrey Dinsmore. Officer calls Haditha prosecution politically motivated, Associated Press, June 6, 2007. [Story no longer at original url.]

Lt. Col. Chessani Article 32 / Day Six / June 5, Tuesday

Capt. Oliver B. Dreger, Maj. Carroll Connelley. Marines shielded by bad facts, San Diego Union Tribune, June 6, 2007.

1st Lt. William Kallop, Capt. Oliver B. Dreger. Marines balked at Haditha inquiry, Tony Perry, Los Angles Times, June 6, 2007.

Maj. Carroll Connelley. Legal officer says no one questioned Haditha deaths, North County Times, June 5, 2007

Lt. Col. Chessani Article 32 / Day Five / June 4, Monday

1st Lt. William Kallop, 1st Adam Mathes. Hearing for accused Haditha officer continues, North County Times, June 4, 2007.


Lt. Col. Chessani Article 32 / Day Four / June 2, Saturday

Maj. Samuel Carrasco, Lt. Adam P. Mathes. Investigator faults colonel for actions during killing, Paul von Zielbauer, New York Times, June 3, 2007.

Maj. Samuel Carrasco. Officer's response in Haditha questioned, Rick Rogers, San Diego Union-Tribune, June 3, 2007.

Lt. Col. Chessani Article 32 / Day Three / June 1, Friday

1st Lt. Adam Mathes. Commanders huddled after killings, court told, San Diego Union Tribune, June 2, 2007.

 Maj. Gen. Richard Huck. General blames report in Haditha case, Tony Perry, Los Angeles Times, June 2, 2007.

Maj. Gen. Richard Huck. General labels report on Haditha misleading, Tony Perry, Baltimore Sun, June 2, 2007.

Maj. Gen. Richard Huck. General questions whether commander fully detailed Haditha killings, North County Times, June 2, 2007.

Maj. Gen. Richard Huck. General testifies at Haditha hearing, Associated Press, June 1, 2007. [Story no longer at original url.]

Maj. Gen. Richard Huck. General says Chessani should have told him more, North County Times, June 1, 2007

Lt. Col. Chessani Article 32 / Day Two / May 31, Thursday

Lt. Col. Paul Atterbury, William Hays Parks.Lawyers in Haditha Case Say Gunshots, Not Grenades, Killed Many Victims, New York Times, June 1, 2007

Lt. Col. Paul Atterbury, William Hays Parks. Some Haditha shootings are called close-range, San Diego Union Tribune, June 1, 2007.

William Hays Parks, Lt. Col. Eric Smith. Expert says Haditha killings demanded immediate probe, North County Times, June 1, 2007.

Lt. Col. Paul Atterbury, William Hays Parks. Haditha killings detailed at hearing, Tony Perry, Los Angeles Times, June 1, 2007.

Lt. Col. Chessani Article 32 / Day One / May 30, Wednesday

Lt. Alexander Martin, Lt. Max Frank. 2 Marines deny suspecting Haditha war crime, New York Times, May 31, 2007

Lt. Max Frank, Sgt. Maj. Edward Sax. Marine says scene of Haditha slayings was disturbing, Los Angeles Times, May 31, 2007.

Lt. Max Frank. Iraqis told civilian deaths were 'unfortunate', North County Times, May 31, 2007.

Lt. Max Frank, Capt. James Haynie, Sgt. Maj. Edward Sax. Marine describes scene where 24 Iraqi civilians killed, Associated Press, May 30, 2007.

Marine in Military Court Over Haditha Killings of Iraqis, Highest Ranking Officer Charged, Associated Press, May 30, 2007.


Hearing for Lt. Col. Jeffrey Chessani starts Wednesday, North County Times, May 26, 2007.

Top Marine officer victim of Haditha propaganda, Phil Brennan, Newsmax, May 24, 2007. [Story no longer at original url.]

Lt. Col. Chessani: press release, Thomas More Law Center, One of Marine’s most Effective Combat Commanders in Iraq Sidelined by U.S.—Hearing To Start next Week, May 23, 2007. [Story no longer at original url.]

Request for generals at next Haditha hearing denied, North County Times, May 22, 2007.

LCpl Justin Sharratt. Mishawaka Eatery Supporting Accused Marine, WSBT, May 14, 2007


Capt. Stone Article 32 / Conclusion: Day Seven

Col. Keith R. Anderson. Lawyers on Haditha panel peer into fog of war, New York Times, May 17, 2007.

Marine tells why no Haditha-case probe: At hearing, legal officer cites his lack of training, San Diego Union Tribune, May 16, 2007.

Quote, Capt. Randy W. Stone: “I have faith in this community and the military justice system to which I have devoted the past four years,” said Stone, who was a legal officer for the 3rd Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment at Camp Pendleton at the time of the killings.

Accused Haditha officer tells court he did nothing wrong, North County Times, May 15, 2007.

Quote, North County Times: "The evidence suggests he didn't do anything," Lt. Col. Paul Atterbury [prosecutor] said of Stone. "The questions weren't asked (by Stone) of the right Marines."
The prosecutor also contended that Stone needed to serve as a moral compass for the battalion and therefore should have known to conduct at least a preliminary inquiry. The dead included two women and five children.
"He's responsible to make sure his fellow Marines do not become desensitized to the morally bruising environment that is the al Anbar province of Iraq," Atterbury said.
The case boils down to accountability, and Stone failed to carry out his job, the prosecutor said.

Marine in Haditha case defends actions, Associated Press, May 15, 2007. [Story no longer at original url.]

Quote, Associated Press: Prosecutors portrayed Stone as a meek novice who overlooked the killings in an attempt to gain favor with the other Marines. In his closing argument, Lt. Col. Paul Atterbury said that Stone knew women and children were killed in their homes but that he did nothing in response.
"The battalion judge advocate has a duty to make sure his Marines do not become desensitized to the mortally bruising combat environment that is Al Anbar, Iraq," Atterbury said.
Defense attorney Charles Gittins said that the prosecution's case was based on the assumption that Stone knew the killings were wrong, but that prosecutors had the luxury of hindsight. More senior Marines saw no need to investigate the deaths because they were deemed to have been a lawful consequence of combat, he said.
"He had no more knowledge about the deaths than the division commander, who was actually briefed by the battalion commander," Gittins said.
Atterbury said it was irrelevant that Stone's superiors saw no need for an investigation.

Stone tells Haditha hearing officer he did his best, North County Times, May 15, 2007.

Capt. Stone Article 32 / Day Six

Col. John Ewers, Maj. Samuel Carrasco. Marine investigator testifies officer should have probed Haditha killings, San Diego Union Tribune, May 15, 2007

Maj. Samuel H. Carrasco. Marine refused staff's advice on Iraq deaths, major testifies, New York Times, May 15, 2007.

Col. John Ewers. Witness: actions of Marine flawed, not illegal, Associated Press, May 15, 2007.

Maj. Samuel Carrasco, Maj. Dana Hyatt. Witness tells reaction to Haditha deaths, Associated Press, May 14, 2007. [Story no longer at original url.]

Col. John Ewers. Marine colonel says captain not derelict in Haditha killings, Associated Press, May 14, 2007.

Col. John Ewers. Legal affairs officer: Haditha decision not criminal, North County Times, May 14, 2007.

Capt. Stone Article 32 / Day Five

Lt. Col. Kent Keith, Maj. Dana Hyatt, Maj. Gen. Richard Huck. Haditha hearing shows leadership mind-set, North County Times, May 13, 2007.

Capt. Jeffrey Dinsmore, Maj. Dana Hyatt. 8 killed in Haditha called insurgents, San Diego Union-Tribune, May 13, 2007.

Maj. Dana Hyatt. Marine: Haditha deaths didn't need probe, Thomas Watkins, AP (via the Washington Times), May 12, 2007.

Capt. Stone Article 32 / Day Four

Capt. Jeffrey Dinsmore. Intelligence officer rejected Haditha town council complaints, North County Times, May 11, 2007.

Capt. Jeffrey Dinsmore. Officer says did not mention Haditha deaths in homes, Reuters, May 11, 2007.

Capt. Stone Article 32 / Day Three

Haditha deaths raised no red flags, Washington Post, May 11, 2007.

Maj. Gen. Richard Huck, Capt. Timothy R. Strabbing. General testifies Haditha killings appeared as combat deaths, North County Times, May 11, 2007.

Maj. Gen. Richard Huck. U.S. general didn't suspect slaughter in Haditha, Reuters, May 10, 2007. [Story no longer at original url.]

Maj. Gen. Richard Huck. General: No early indications that Haditha deaths should be investigated, North County Times, May 10, 2007.

Maj. Gen. Richard Huck. Marine general testifies by video link from Pentagon in case of Iraqi civilian deaths, AP (via San Diego Union-Tribune), May 10, 2007.

Maj. Gen. Richard Huck. General testifies in case of Iraqi civilian deaths, AP (via San Jose Mercury News), May 10, 2007.

Maj. Gen. Richard Huck. General testifies in Haditha case, NBC San Diego, May 10, 2007.

Capt. Stone Article 32 / Day Two

Sgt. Sanick Dela Cruz. Marine: Some civilian slayings were to be blamed on Iraqi army, North County Times, May 10, 2007.

Sgt. Sanick Dela Cruz, 1st Sgt. Alberto Espinoza, Maj Gen. Richard Huck. Marine says urinated on dead Iraqi at Haditha, Reuters, May 9, 2007.

1st Sgt. Alberto Espinoza. Marine sergeant says call for Haditha investigation was ignored, AP (via the Press-Enterprise), May 9, 2007. [Story no longer at original url.]

1st Sgt. Alberto Espinoza. Marine first sergeant says he pressed for Haditha probe, North County Times, May 9, 2007.

Capt. Stone Article 32 / Day One

1st Lt. William T. Kallop. Officer at Haditha describes reaction, Washington Post, May 9, 2007.

1st Lt. William T. Kallop. Marine commander testifies about Haditha, AP (via the Houston Chronicle), May 9, 2007. [Story no longer at original url.]

1st Lt. William T. Kallop. Officer defends action that killed 24 Iraqis, AP (via the Los Angeles Times), May 9, 2007.

1st Lt. William T. Kallop. Lieutenant testifies about Haditha deaths: officer stands by call not to investigate, San Diego Union-Tribune, May 9, 2007.

1st Lt. William T. Kallop. Marine commander appears in court, AP (via the Guardian), May 9, 2007. [Story no longer at original url.]

1st Lt. William T. Kallop. Officer Says Civilian Toll in Haditha Was a Shock, New York Times, May 9, 2007.

1st Lt. William T. Kallop. Marine officer: Haditha killings lawful, NBC San Diego, May 8, 2007.

1st Lt. William T. Kallop. Platoon CO grilled about Haditha response, Marine Corps Times, May 8, 2007.

1st Lt. William T. Kallop. Military opens hearings on Haditha killings, NPR, Morning Edition, May 8, 2007.

1st Lt. William T. Kallop. Officer testifies Marines did nothing wrong at Haditha, North County Times, May 8, 2007.

1st Lt. William T. Kallop. Commander defends Marine response to Haditha killings, AP, May 8, 2007. [Story no longer at original url.]

1st Lt. William T. Kallop. U.S. officer ordered Haditha move after Marine died, Reuters, May 8, 2007. [Story no longer at original url.]

Marine lawyer faces tribunal in Haditha case, NBC San Diego, May 8, 2007.

Officer charged in Haditha killings heads to court, AP via Napa Valley Register, May 8, 2007.

* Col. R. Gary Sokoloski. General's aide refuses to testify in Haditha hearings, North County Times, May 7, 2007.

* Propaganda Fear Cited in Account of Iraqi Killings, New York Times, May 6, 2007.

* Stone case may set tone for Haditha prosecutions, North County Times, May 5, 2007

* General's testimony sought at first Haditha hearing, North County Times, April 29, 2007.

* Major announcement: Capt. Randy W. Stone: Haditha case set to unfold starting May 8, North County Times, April 28, 2007.

* Lt. Andrew Grayson: Officer charged in Haditha killings was nominated for medal, Associated Press, April 25, 2007 (story is no longer at original address).

* Officer misconduct alleged in Haditha killings, North County Times, April 22, 2007.

* Reaction to leak of Bargewell Report: Military Cites ‘Negligence’ in Aftermath of Iraq Killings, New York Times, April 22, 2007.

Quote: The 130-page report, by Maj. Gen. Eldon A. Bargewell of the Army, did not conclude that the officers covered up evidence or committed a crime. But it said the Marine Corps command in Iraq was far too willing to tolerate civilian casualties and dismiss Iraqi claims of abuse by marines as insurgent propaganda, said lawyers who have read it.
“All levels of command tended to view civilian casualties, even in significant numbers, as routine and as the natural and intended result of insurgent tactics,” General Bargewell wrote in his report, according to two people who have read it. “Statements made by the chain of command during interviews for this investigation, taken as a whole, suggest that Iraqi civilian lives are not as important as U.S. lives, their deaths are just the cost of doing business, and that the Marines need to get the job done no matter what it takes.”
The report focused only on senior commanders’ handling of the aftermath of the attack in Haditha, in which several marines killed two dozen unarmed Iraqis in the hours after the marines’ convoy was hit by a roadside bomb, killing Lance Cpl. Miguel Terrazas. General Bargewell’s report, completed at the request of Lt. Gen. Peter W. Chiarelli, the day-to-day commander of American forces in Iraq at the time, did not focus on the killings themselves....

The Bargewell report, which was recently declassified, also established that junior officers, including a captain who issued a news release on the episode that blamed a roadside bomb planted by insurgents for most of the deaths, knew from the beginning that marines had killed the civilians, the lawyers said.

But here is an intriguing bit of information regarding the "cover-up"...

The captain, Jeffrey Pool, told Bargewell's investigators that he was given reports from battalion commanders that accurately described the marines' killing of civilians, said lawyers who read the report. But Pool said he issued a news release blaming the insurgents for the deaths because he believed that they were ultimately the result of the roadside bombing of the convoy that led the marines to strike back, the lawyers said.

"The way I saw it was this," Pool told two colonels questioning him, according to a lawyer who read the report. "A bomb blast went off, or was initiated, that is what started, that is the reason they're getting this, is a bomb blew up, killed people. We killed people back and that's the story."

* Haditha report faults officers, North County Times, April 21, 2007.

* Immunity given to 7 in Haditha case, San Diego Tribune, April 21, 2007.

* 'Simple Failures' and 'Disastrous Results', Washington Post, April 21, 2007. (Bargewell Report exerpts)

* Major leak of Bargewell Report: Report on Haditha condemns Marines: Signs of misconduct were ignored, general says, Washington Post, April 21, 2007. (Army Major General Eldon A. Bargewell Report summary)

* Lt. William Kallop's attorney speaks out: Read the press release.

* Immunity grants may signal problems the Haditha prosecution, North County Times, April 20, 2007.

* Major idiocy: Killings of Afghan civilians recall Haditha, New York Times, April 20, 2007.

* Lt. William Kallop: Marine Officer Receives Immunity in Haditha Killings Case, Washington Post, April 20, 2007.

* Major development, major leak: Military grants immunity to 7 Marines, AP via Washington Post, April 20, 2007 (story no longer at original address).

* Report: Attorneys want Haditha Marine given immunity, North County Times, April 19, 2007.

* Major development: Charges dropped against Haditha Marine, North County Times, April 17, 2007.

* Major development: Haditha prosecution said to be fraught with problems, North County Times, April 10, 2007.

* False report: LCpl. Justin Sharratt: Marine's homicide hearing in Haditha case put off, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, April 10, 2007. (This article was printed a full day before the decision was made by General Mattis.) [Story no longer at original url.]

* Unbelievable crap. Mr. Wry gets serious [Leftist Makes Haditha Marine Movie], The Guardian, April 9, 2007.

* LCpl. Justin Sharratt: Marine with local ties faces hearing, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, April 7, 2007. [Story no longer at original url.]

* LCpl. Justin Sharratt: Granger Marine awaits hearing, South Bend Tribune, April 6, 2007.

* Lt. Col. Jeffrey Chessani. Attorneys for accused Haditha officer fire another salvo, North County Times, April 3, 2007.

* Lt. Col. Jeffrey Chessani. Rangely Marine's attorney says he followed proper procedure, Grand Junction Sentinel, April 3, 2007 (story no longer at original address).

* SSgt. Frank Wuterich. CBS 60 Minutes interview. Read the transcript.

* SSgt. Frank Wuterich. Marine: "Combat" decisions at Haditha, UPI via The Washington Times, March 16, 2007. [Story no longer at original url.]

*  SSgt. Frank Wuterich. US officer defends Haditha shootings, The Guardian, March 16, 2007.

* SSgt. Frank Wuterich. Charged Marine sergeant says Haditha killings were justified, AP via San Jose Mercury News, March 15, 2007.

* Lt. Col. Jeffrey Chessani. Marine hearing delayed more than two months in Haditha case, Associated Press, March 14, 2007.

* Lt. Col. Jeffrey Chessani. Hearing set for lieutenant colonel charged in Haditha case, North County Times, March 6, 2007.

* Big picture: Marines in Haditha: Locals not focused on alleged ’05 massacre, Stars and Stripes, March 4, 2007. [Story no longer at original url.]

* Wuterich supporters hope to raise awareness and funds through web site, (Meriden, CT) Record-Journal, February 25, 2007.

* Leaks: Attorney: Haditha leak could lead to dismissal request, North County Times, January 29, 2007.

* Interview: Haditha Marine's father speaks out, NewsMax, January 29, 2007. [Story no longer at original url.]

* Haditha attorney accuses Pentagon of deception, Reuters, January 17, 2007.

* Tough going for defense funds in Haditha case, North County Times, January 17, 2007.

* More on the leaked photos: Investigators track Haditha images: Marines took photos after contested deaths, Washington Post via Concord Monitor, January 8, 2007.

* Let's hear from Al Qaeda, via our own media: The Haditha shootings: what the witnesses saw, Washington Post via Seattle Times, January 7, 2007.

* Leakers confirm that their own previous leaks were correct: US Inquiry Backs Haditha Killing Charges: Report, evidence supports previous murder allegations, New York Times via The Day, January 7, 2007.

* More on the leaked photos: Marines' photos provide graphic evidence in Haditha probe, Washington Post, January 7, 2007.

* Leakers say the Marines are guilty (and the media is happy to pass it on as news): Investigators find no evidence to support Marines' claims, USA Today, January 7, 2007. [Story no longer at original url.]

Quote: One worry of military prosecutors is that American investigators failed to persuade the families of the any of the 24 dead to permit their bodies to be exhumed and examined to obtain forensic evidence.

* Chilling new evidence of Haditha massacre, The Telegraph (UK), January 7, 2007.

Quote: A leaked copy of the probe into the incident – the most serious case of alleged US misconduct in the Iraq war so far – quotes a horrified witness saying that the marines went "crazy" after a roadside bomb killed one of their squad and injured two others.

* Major leak to the Washington Post of the NCIS Haditha report: Death in Haditha, Washington Post, January 6, 2007.

Quote: The [leaked] report, which relied on hundreds of interviews with Marines, Iraqi soldiers and civilian survivors conducted months after the incident, presents a fragmented and sometimes conflicting chronicle of the violence that day. But taken together, the accounts provide evidence that as the Marines came under attack, they responded in ways that are difficult to reconcile with their rules of engagement.

* More from the AP leaker:  New details emerge in Iraq slayings case, AP via ABC News, January 6, 2007. [Story no longer at original url.]

* Major leak to the AP from a "senior defense official": Official: Evidence doesn't back Marines, AP via ABC News, January 6, 2007. [Story no longer at original url.]

* Haditha case likely to have repercussions: Experts say it could change the Marines, San Diego Union, January 5, 2006 [Story no longer at original url.].

Quote: “This has all the earmarks of one of the great military cases in the country's history,” said Eugene R. Fidell, a noted military defense lawyer in Washington.

* The charges: Court papers released in Haditha case, UPI, December 31, 2006.

* Lt. Andrew Grayson: Area Marine dismayed by charges against him, Cincinnati Enquirer, December 31, 2006. [Unfortunately, this story is no longer available.]

* The charges: Documents released in Haditha slayings, San Diego Union, December 30, 2006.

* Who cares: Local Iraqis react to Haditha charges, North County Times, December 30, 2006. [Story no longer at original url.]

* Lance Corporal Miguel Terrazas: Family of Marine killed in Haditha slaying 'outraged', NBC San Diego, December 30, 2006.

* Lt. Andrew Grayson: Charged Marine is from area, Dayton Daily News, December 28, 2006.

* Yes, and...? Wuterich allegedly ordered to 'shoot first, ask questions later', North County Times, December 27, 2006. [Story no longer at original url.]

Quote: In a release distributed to reporters last week, the Marine Corps identified 21 Iraqis who died at Haditha. While the Marine colonel who announced the charges said last week that there were 24 victims, three of them remain unidentified, a discrepancy that neither the Marine Corps nor defense attorneys was immediately able to address Wednesday.
"The charges that have been preferred reflect the deaths that are supported by the investigation at this point," a statement issued by the Marine Corps said. "The investigation is ongoing and there is always the potential for additional charges."
That is one of the many discrepancies that attorney Zaid said will go to the heart of his client's defense....

* Iraq massacre: US Marines 'will point the finger of blame at senior officers', The Independent, December 25, 2006.

Quote: We're going to drag every single, two-star and full-bird colonel and general into this thing," said Kevin McDermott, a California-based lawyer representing Captain Lucas McConnell, the commander of Kilo Company, which carried out the Haditha killings. The defense lawyers say their clients were following official policy on the rules of engagement.

*  Lance Corporal Justin Sharratt a "really good friend", South Bend Tribune, December 24, 2006.

* General James Mattis: Ex-Tri-Citian is tough on bad Marines, Tri-City Herald, December 24, 2006. [Story no longer at original url.]

* Sgt. Sanick Dela Cruz: Marine accused of killing 5 civilians, Daily Southtown, December 23, 2006. [Story no longer at original url.]

* SSgt. Frank Wuterich: One Marine focus of Haditha case, AP via Desert Sun, December 23, 2006. [Story no longer at original url.]

* Lance Corporal Justin Sharratt: Family Christmas for Marine in Haditha murder case, North County Times, December 23, 2006. [Story no longer at original url.]

* Captain Lucas McConnell: Hometown stunned by charges, Monterey Herald, December 23, 2006. [Story no longer at original url.]

* Lance Corporal Justin Sharratt: Haditha Marine home for Pa. Christmas, AP, December 23, 2006. [Story no longer at original url.]

* Good analysis: Haditha case highlights legal questions, North County Times, December 23, 2006. [Story no longer at original url.]

* Unwarranted self-congratulation: Viewpoint: Breaking Haditha (Time magazine's Tim "Taliban" McGirk finds the Marines guilty), December 23, 2006.

* The legal road ahead: Charges filed, but Haditha saga is just beginning, Stars and Stripes, December 23, 2006. [Story no longer at original url.]

* Analysis: Haditha defense seen focused on Iraq battle chaos, Reuters, December 22, 2006.

* The charges: Marines charge 4 with murder of civilians, The New York Times, December 22, 2006.

* The enemy within talks to the enemy in Iraq. Both agree America is bad: Haditha residents on charged Marines: Let us have them, The New York Times, December 22, 2006

* Our enemy, our media: The Haditha Charges: Symbol of a War Gone Bad, Time magazine, December 22, 2006.

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* Marines charged in Haditha deaths (with reaction from Iraqis) AP, December 22, 2006.

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* The charges: US Marines charged with murder in Haditha, Reuters, December 21, 2006.

* Analysis: Veterans react to Marine Corps decision to file charges in Haditha incident, North County Times, December 21, 2006.

* The accused: Wuterich was leader of squad, North County Times, December 21, 2006.

* The accused: Accused wanted to be Marine since childhood (Lance Corporal Justin Sharratt), North County Times, December 21, 2006.

* The charges: Attorney says Tatum was "doing his job" (Lance Corporal Stephen B. Tatum), North County Times, December 21, 2006.

* The accused: Marine faces charges in Haditha case (Lance Corporal Stephen B. Tatum), Edmonton Sun, December 21, 2006.

* The accused: 3rd Battalion commander highest-ranking officer to face charges (Lieutenant Colonel Jeffrey Chessani), North County Times, December 21, 2006.

* The accused: Captain Randy W. Stone, North County Times, December 21, 2006.

* The accused: Intel officer faces charges (1st Lt. Andrew A. Grayson), North County Times, December 21, 2006.

* The accused: McConnell showed early leadership skills, former coach says (Captain Lucas McConnell), North County Times, December 21, 2006.

* Background: Photographer spent months embedded with Kilo Company (Lucian Read), North County Times, December 21, 2006.

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* The charges: Haditha, Iraq investigation press statement, United States Marine Corps, December 21, 2006. [Story is no longer at the original url.]

* End of Haditha investigation offers sense of relief, North County Times, December 19, 2006. [Story is no longer at the original url.]

* Marines to unveil result of Haditha probe on Thursday, North County Times, December 19, 2006. [Story is no longer at the original url.]

* U.S. military to announce Haditha charges Thursday, Reuters, December 18, 2006.

 * Haditha massacre charges imminent, ABC News, December 13, 2006. Read General Mattis' memo (as a pdf file) here. [Story no longer at original url.]

* El Pasoans upset that Marines could be charged in killings, from Lance Cpl. Miguel Terrazas' hometown, El Paso Times, December 8, 2006.

* A Family's Fight [Lance Cpl. Justin Sharratt], Washington (PA) Observer Reporter, December 7, 2006. [Story no longer at original url.]

* Captain Luke McConnell will not be charged, Napa Valley Register, December 7, 2006: "Napa native Luke McConnell is not among the Marines facing criminal charges in the November 2005 deaths of 24 Iraqis in Haditha, according to his attorney. McConnell was captain of the Camp Pendleton-based Kilo Company, 3rd Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment."

* Charges in Haditha case delayed, ABC News, December 6, 2006. [Story no longer at original url.]

* Charges being 'finalized' in Haditha killings, North County Times, December 6, 2006. [Story is no longer at the original url.]

* LtGen Natonski. Haditha murder charges?, Time, December 6, 2006: "Haditha murder charges? A senior Marine commander tells Congress that the Haditha killings may constitute negligent homicide."

Major leak:  Marines likely to face charges in Haditha killings, congressman says, USA Today, December 6, 2006. [Story no longer at original url.]

Quote: A congressman said Wednesday that about six Marines would be charged in the killing of 24 civilians, many of them women and children, last year in the Iraqi town of Haditha. Rep. Mark Udall, D-Colorado, did not know what the charges were but said they were serious.

* [Gen.] Mattis said to be free of political influence, North Country Times (San Diego), December 6, 2006. "Pendleton general at center of Haditha charging decision." [Story is no longer at the original url.]

* Major leak: At least five Marines are expected to be charged in Haditha deaths, New York Times, December 6, 2006.

* Local man [Lance Cpl. Stephen Tatum] under scrutiny in Haditha case, Edmund Sun (Oklahoma), December 3, 2006. "Houston attorney [Jack Zimmerman] defends lance corporal, saying no crimes were committed."

* A look at criminal cases against U.S. troops stemming from the deaths of Iraqis since March 2003, North Country Times, December 6, 2006.

* Major leak: Marine Corps: Criminal charges being finalized in Haditha case, North Country Times, December 5, 2006. [Story is no longer at the original url.]

* Marine Corps nears Haditha charges, AP via Houston Chronicle, December 5, 2006. [Story is no longer at the original url.]

* Shorter sentences handed down in criminal cases arising out of Iraq, North Country Times, December 2, 2006. There is a good summary by lawyer Gary Myers (who represents Lance Cpl. Justin Sharratt) at the end of the article. [Story is no longer at the original url.]

* Conflicting accounts of Iraqi deaths given, Los Angeles Times, November 30, 2006.

Parents defend son [Lance Cpl. Justin Sharratt] accused in Haditha slaying, KDKA, November 24, 2006. Video at the link.

* Haditha 'massacre'--one year on, BBC, November 24, 2006.

* Major leak: Rules of Engagement, Vanity Fair, November 2006. A lengthy article (with quotations drawn from the secret NCIS investigative report) that makes clear why convictions for the house clearings are unlikely. The author also believes Murtha was wrong about the men reacting in Haditha out of anger.

* Family stands by a Marine under investigation, Washington Post, November 22, 2006: "[The family of Lance Cpl. Justin Sharratt] have remained silent until now because they did not know what to say....They have privately fumed about politicians -- such as Rep. John P. Murtha (D-Pa.) -- who have publicly stated that their son was part of a brutal, vengeful slaughter. And they are livid that no one in the Marine Corps has stepped forward to defend their son."

* Major leak: Report: Five Marines may face charges in Haditha killings, North Country Times, November 21, 2006: "Military authorities may soon charge five Camp Pendleton Marines in the deaths of 24 Iraqi civilians in the city of Haditha just over one year ago, according to a story Tuesday on National Public Radio that named the five men....Marine Corps spokesman Lt. Col. Sean Gibson said he could not confirm the radio report, which attributed its information to unnamed Pentagon sources."

* Major leak: Five Marines expected to face charges in killing, NPR Morning Edition, November 21, 2006. No transcript, but you can here the story that names five Marines at the link. The five names given to NPR by anonymous DOD sources were:

Staff Sergeant Frank Wuterich, 26, of Meriden, Connecticut
Corporal Hector Salinas, 22, of Houston, Texas
Corporal Sanick De la Cruz, 24, of Chicago, Illinois
Lance Corporal Stephen Tatum, 25, of Edmund, Oklahoma
Lance Corporal Justin Sharratt, 21, of Carbondale, Pennsylvania

* Family stands by Marine [Lance Cpl. Sharratt] accused in Iraq incident, Pittsburgh Post Gazette, November 19, 2006. [Story is no longer at the original url.]

* Accusations from Iraq tear up one Vietnam vet, El Paso Times, November 19, 2006.

* Cleared of wrong doing in Haditha?,Time, November 14, 2006: Two top generals cleared, others may soon be charged.

* The Haditha Massacre, One Year Later, ABC Nightline, October 30, 2006. [Story no longer at original url.].

* The Face of Haditha, (SSgt. Wuterich interview), Time, September 17, 2006.

* Marine called Haditha shootings appropriate, Washington Post, August 24, 2006.

* Haditha probe leaves Marines wondering, Sacramento Bee, August 20, 2006.

* Marine names Murtha in defamation suit, Washington Post, August 2, 2006.

* US braced for Haditha effect, BBC, June 20, 2006.

* Family of Marine named in Haditha killings speaks out, Hannity & Colmes, June 20, 2006.

* Interview with Gary Myers, lawyer for a Haditha Marine, CNN Saturday Morning News (transcript), June 17, 2006.

* Defending the Haditha Killings, Salon, June 16, 2006.

* Probing a Bloodbath, The Marines were well prepared for war, but not for insurgency. Did some of them snap—and slaughter innocent civilians in cold blood?, Newsweek, June 12, 2006.

Quote: [Corporal Scott] Jepsen went through the houses entered by the Marines....Jepsen says the Iraqis they spoke to "knew that there were insurgents involved ... knew that there were some houses that let insurgents in."

* Marine Says Rules Were Followed, Washington Post, June 11, 2006.

* Lawyer: Marine Denies Haditha massacre, USA Today, June 11, 2006. [Story no longer at original url.]

* Family Unsettled by Inquiry, Washington Post, June 11, 2006

* Haditha's Recent History of Violence, National Public Radio, June 7, 2006.

* Marines in Iraq: The Warrior's Way, Los Angeles Times, June 6, 2006.

* Haditha lawyer criticizes US payments, AP, June 4, 2006.

Quote: On Thursday, Iraq said it was launching its own probe into the Haditha killings, with Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki sharply criticizing the conduct of U.S. troops in Iraq.

His comments were unusually harsh, suggesting to some that he might be using the incident to bolster his image as a national unity leader at a time of rising sectarian tensions. Al-Maliki is a Shiite, while the Haditha victims were Sunni Arabs, the minority that is the backbone of Iraq's insurgency.

An adviser to al-Maliki, Adnan al-Kazimi, denied Saturday that the announcement was a public relations exercise, saying an Iraqi investigation into the killings was popular among all Iraqis.

Al-Maliki will announce the makeup and mandate of the investigating committee in the next few days, al-Kazimi told The Associated Press. It will be made up of officials from the ministries of defense, interior and human rights and will report directly to al-Maliki, he said.

The findings of U.S. investigations into the killings are to be made available to the Iraqi government, with only the parts pertaining to security of U.S. forces withheld, he said.

* Don't judge until all facts are in, Orange County Register, June 2, 2006.

* Paul Hackett, Gary Solis and others on Hardball, June 2, 2006.

* US to cooperate with Iraqis on Haditha inquiry, New York Times, June 2, 2006 (pdf).

* Iraqi government starts probe of Haditha deaths, USA Today, June 2, 2006 (pdf)

* LtGen Peter Chiarelli. US general in Iraq orders "values training", Iraq pledges own investigation, Bush told about probe one month after start, MSNBC, June 1, 2006 (pdf).

* Major leak: Military Inquiry Said to Oppose Account of Raid, New York Times, May 31, 2006.

* Bush: "Troubled" by war crimes allegations, MSNBC, May 31, 2006.

* Sumaidaie: Marines shot my cousin: We must 'remove the bad apples,' new Iraqi ambassador says, CNN, May 30, 2006.

* Report: Officers not targets in Iraq killing probe, WCBS, May 30, 2006

* Did U.S. Marines Commit Massacre in Iraq? Paula Zahn Interview With Pennsylvania Congressman John Murtha: CNN: May 30, 2006.

* What happened in Haditha? NBC Nightly News, May 30, 2006

7:25 a.m.:
Witnesses say Marines search the area for the bomber. They storm a house directly across from the attack, shooting as they approach.
During the raid, Abdul Hamid's house caught fire. Witnesses say Marines then moved next door to the house of Younis Hamid. Nine people were inside, and eight were killed — five of them children.
Witnesses say Marines then moves to a third location — a taxi parked by the side of the road. In it, residents say, were four university students and a driver. A witness watching from a nearby rooftop says Marines took the five men out of the car and executed them.
One witness says the driver screamed in English, “Please, please!” but they shot him in the body.
Around 10:30 a.m., Marines stormed the house of Eid Ahmed, where they allegedly separate his four sons from the women and children — before killing the men.
Nine-year-old Khalid was in the house.
“This is my father!” he screams. "God will take my revenge!"

* Iraqis' Accounts Link Marines to the Mass Killing of Civilians, Spiegel Online, May 29, 2006. [Story is no longer at the original url.]

* Picking Up the Pieces in Haditha, Time magazine, May 29, 2006

* New Witness Describes Alleged Iraq Atrocity, ABC World News, May 28, 2006. [Story no longer at original url.]

* Iraqis: Marines Killed 24 Civilians, Washington Post (via the Lakeland Ledger), May 27, 2006.

* In Haditha, memories of a massacre, Washington Post, May 27, 2006. "The descriptions of events provided to The Post by witnesses in Haditha could not be independently verified..."

* Major media distortion: The Haditha Scandal's Other Casualty, Matthew Cooper, Time, May 26, 2006.

Quote: One of the most damning pieces of evidence investigators have in their possession, according to a U.S. military source in Iraq, are personal photos, taken immediately after the killings, by a marine who emailed a snapshot back to a friend in the U.S.

NOTE FROM DEFEND OUR MARINES: This false allegation was repeated by Congressman Murtha on ABC News. Time later ran a correction:

In the original version of this story, TIME reported that "one of the most damning pieces of evidence investigators have in their possession, John Sifton of Human Rights Watch told Time's Tim McGirk, is a photo, taken by a Marine with his cell phone that shows Iraqis kneeling and thus posing no threat before they were shot." While Sifton did tell TIME that there was photographic evidence, taken by Marines, he had only heard about the specific content of the photos from reports done by NBC, and had no firsthand knowledge. TIME regrets the error.

* General to teach rules of war, Washington Times, May 26, 2006.

* Gen Hagee. Civilian deaths send top Marine to Iraq, CNN, May 25, 2006.

* Lt Col. Chessani, Capt. James S. Kimber, Capt. Lucas M. McConnell: Three Marines involved in fatal Haditha raid are relieved of command, Associated Press, April 10, 2006.

* Video taken by journalist student key as 12 Americans face war crimes probe in Iraq, AP, March 20, 2006.

* The article that launched it all: Collateral Damage or Civilian Massacre in Haditha?: Last November, U.S. Marines killed 15 Iraqi civilians in their homes. Was it self-defense, an accident or cold-blooded revenge?, Time magazine, March 19, 2006.

* Pendleton Marine Dies in Explosion, North County Times, November 22, 2005. (This is the first report of the death of Lance Corporal Miguel "Mickey" Terrazas.)

* An Interview with Colonel Davis, Bill Roggio, The Long War Journal, February 19, 2005.

* [Gen. Mattis] "It's fun to shoot some people", CNN, February 4, 2005. Remark caught on video by San Diego TV station KNSD.

For more news links, see Free Republic threads below in "Fact and Opinion" below.


Analysis (before the hearings began)

Sweetness & Light:

* More media lies and distortions in Iraq: The Associated Press source Jamil Hussein still does not exist, January 6, 2007.

* Our enemy, our media: New York Times: Haditha residents want to tear accused apart, December 22, 2006.

* Lawyer: Captain to be charged in Haditha case, December 19, 2006.

Quote: "One hopes Captain McConnell and the rest of these Marines will get a fair trial. But it is hard to see how. The local "witnesses" seem to be pathological liars by nature. And as far as I know, the families are still preventing the exhumation of the bodies for forensic study. Add to that the overwhelming pressure from our one party media to convict somebody, anybody for this supposed atrocity. And bear in mind McConnell wasn’t even there at the time of the action. God help him and the rest of the accused.

* Time magazine's Haditha reporter says all is lost in Iraq, October 22, 2006.

* Related: Lefty pop trash British director to make Haditha movie, September 26, 2006.

* Marines thought about bombing Haditha house, September 22, 2006.

* Time magazine says Haditha Marines will be charged, September 17, 2006.

* Washington Post: Marine investigator calls Marine shootings "appropriate", August 24, 2006.

* Washington Post: Officer said Haditha didn't warrant inquiry, August 19, 2006.

* More anonymous New York Times sources say Marines are guilty, August 18, 2006.

* Accuracy in Media: Time massacres truth in Haditha, June 27, 2006.

* Hammurabi Rights Watch denials raise more questions, June 23, 2006.

* Why have families fought exhuming victims?, June 21, 2006.

* The wildly conflicting first reports of Haditha, June 19, 2006.

* Is this Hammurabi Rights Watch other member?, June 19, 2006.

* Time's Tim McGirk reinvents his video source, June 18, 2006.

* Marines' lawyers question Haditha tape source, June 16, 2006.

* Haditha Marine's lawyer will call Murtha to testify, June 15, 2006.

* The Washington Times' on Time's massacre, June 14, 2006.

* Why did "rights group" sit on its Haditha story?, June 7, 2006.

* The questionable sources for Time's Haditha scoop, June 5, 2006.

* Haditha lawyer wants more compensation, June 3, 2006.

* Related: AP runs My Lai photo as Haditha news, June 3, 2006.

* Haditha reporter's Thanksgiving with the Taliban, June 2, 2006.

* The Haditha our media won't tell you about, June 2, 2006.

* Haditha doctor was arrested, hates the US, June 1, 2006.

* Haditha reporter was jailed by the US--twice, June 1, 2006.

* Ex CNN embed seems to doubt Haditha charges, May 30, 2006.

* The New York Times begs for tales of "Marine massacre", May 29, 2006.

* Mr Murtha's Rush to Judgment, 2nd Lt. Ilario Pantano, Washington Post, May 28, 2006.

Quote: "A year ago I was charged with two counts of premeditated murder and with other war crimes related to my service in Iraq. My wife and mother sat in a Camp Lejeune courtroom for five days while prosecutors painted me as a monster; then autopsy evidence blew their case out of the water, and the Marine Corps dropped all charges against me."--2nd Lt. Ilario Pantano

* John Murtha: "Marines killed civilians in cold blood", May 17, 2006.

* Related: John Murtha: Don't indict me, I'm a whistleblower!, December 1, 2005.

Bing West in The Atlantic:

* The Road to Haditha: How did the heroes of Fallujah come to kill civilians in Haditha? A Vietnam veteran who witnessed the battle of Fallujah says it's too soon to judge the Marines--but not the high command. The Atlantic, October 2006.


* General Tom McInerney: Haditha Defendents' Rights Violated, Phil Brennan, NewsMax, February 7, 2007. [Story no longer at original url.]

* Haditha accusations unmasked, Phil Brennan, NewsMax, January 18, 2007. [Story no longer at original url.]

Other sources:

* U.S. Soldiers Aren't Guilty Before a Verdict, Opinion Journal ( July 7, 2006.

* Were Kalishnikovs Used to Kill the People of Haditha?, Gateway Pundit, June 16, 2007.

* Reflections on Haditha, Bill Roggio, Counter-Terrorism Blog, June 13, 2006.

* Networks Which Hyped Haditha as 'Massacre' Show Little Interest in Marine's Version, NewsBusters, June 13, 2006.

* UK Times smears Marines: Massacre Marines blinded by hate, Hot Air, June 2006.

* Wallowing in Haditha, Rich Lowry, National Review, June 6, 2006.

* Haditha: Is McGirk the New Mary Mapes?, Clarice Feldman, American Thinker, June 9, 2007.

* Ghosts of Haditha, Dallas Morning News, "War critics like John Murtha even use tragedy to bash our efforts.", May 31, 2006.

* In Cold Blood, Opinion Journal ( May 18, 2006: "Murtha's description is false..."

* Expose the Left: Murtha on Hardball, May 17, 2006.

* Haditha: A Case of Liberal Hypocrisy, Townhall, March 9, 2007.

* Haditha Case a Fabrication?, The Strata-Sphere, April 25, 2007.

* Haditha prosecution acknowledges weak case, Democracy Project, April 21, 2007.

* Talk Show America: An E-mail from a Haditha Father, Conservative Thoughts, April 16, 2007.

* Great overview of the "innocent civilian" issue: Hostile Environment: Insurgents and the Haditha Marines, Conservative Thoughts, March 18, 2007.

* Our enemy, our media: The Reuters connection to Haditha, Chickenhawk Express, December 24, 2006.

* Military blogger: Haditha Marines charged, Political Pistachio, December 23, 2006.

* News commentary: Haditha Case, Pipeline News, December 23, 2006.

* Commentary: Murtha owes all Marines an apology for his hideous slander, Gateway Pundit, December 22, 2006.

* A rhetorical reminder from a blogger: In case you forgot why Murtha is scum, Hillbilly White Trash, December 22, 2006.

* Commentary: Haditha: Wuterich charged with 13 counts of murder, Hot Air, December 21, 2006.

* Commentary: Haditha Round-up, Captain's Journal, December 21, 2006.

* Military blogger: Haditha revisted, Blackfive, December 21, 2006.

* Military blogger: A soldier's perspective, December 21, 2006.

* The enemy within: Haditha: Marines' lawyers outraged by leak of NCIS report, Hot Air, January 6, 2007.

Quote: An NCIS. spokesman declined to comment on the report, which it has not officially released, and said the agency was troubled by the leak of it to The Post.

* Our enemy, our media: Reuters E-mailing the Terrorists, Newsbusters commentary, January 4, 2006.

* Marines should be judged by a jury of peers, not by media: Letter to the editor / OC Register, December 25, 2006.

* From wacky land: Mild-mannered media and the Marine massacre at Haditha, Peace, Earth, and Justice Network, December 24, 2006.

* Leftwing sobsister editorial: Haditha's day in court, Cleveland Plain-Dealer, December 24, 2006.

* Reasonable editorial: Death at Haditha, Sacramento Bee, December 23, 2006. [Story is no longer at the original url.]

* Leftwing handwringers: When the press dropped the ball on Haditha, Editor & Publisher, December 21, 2006.

Free Republic threads:

* Lt. Col. Chessani defense announcement: Case against Marines blamed on Murtha politics, WND, March 6, 2007.

* News discussion: Marines battle their past in an Iraqi city, Los Angeles Times, February 2, 2007.

* News discussion: Valley Marine Will Face Multiple New Charges [Haditha is to Blame! Criminal Photog is Back], February 1, 2007.

* Interview discussion: Haditha Marine's father speaks out (Darryl Sharratt), Newsmax, January 31, 2007.

* News discussion: Attorney: Haditha leak could lead to dismissal request, North County Times, January 29, 2007.

* News discussion: Moonbats Want Blood! [Haditha Marine photos], (Washington Post) January 14, 2007.

* News discussion: Guilty until proven innocent [Haditha Marines], (NewsMax), January 12, 2007.

* Important announcement! Announcing the Haditha Marines Defense Fund, January 6, 2007.

* News discussion: Family of Marine killed in Haditha 'outraged', (NBC San Diego), December 30, 2006.

* News discussion: Wuterich allegedly ordered 'shoot first, ask questions later, (North County Times), 

* News discussion: Haditha Marine home for Pa. Christmas, (AP) December 23, 2006.

* News discussion: Squad leader key to Haditha case, (AP), December 22, 2006.

* News discussion: Sharratt charged in Haditha case, (Washington County Observer-Reporter, December 22, 2006.)

* News discussion: Marine Charged With 13 Civilian Murder Counts (Haditha), main discussion thread at Free Republic, (MSNBC) December 21, 2006.

* Marines to unveil result of Haditha probe on Thursday [New details], North County Times, December 19, 2006.

* U.S. military to announce Haditha charges Thursday, Reuters, December 18, 2006.

* Haditha massacre charges imminent, (ABC News), December 13, 2006.

* A Family's Fight, (Washington Observer-Reporter), December 7, 2006.

* About six Marines likely to face charges in Haditha killings (Congressman blab after hearing), December 6, 2006.

* At least five Marines to be charged in Haditha deaths, (New York Times News Service) December 6, 2006.

* Haditha Murder Charges?, (Time), December 6, 2006.

* Marine Corps near Haditha charges (AP via Houston Chronicle), December 5, 2006.

* Panel to hear update on Haditha report, (North County Times), December 5, 2006.

* Local man under scrutiny in Haditha case, (The Edmond Sun, Oklahoma), December 4, 2006.

* Ansar al-Sunnah Claims Responsibility (Revenge for "Crimes" Haditha), (Site Institute), December 1, 2006.

* Parents Defend Son Accused in Haditha Slayings, (Pittsburgh Post Gazette), November 24, 2006.

* Report: Five Marines may face charges in Haditha killings (North County Times), November 24, 2006

* Family Stands by a Marine Under Investigation (Washington Post), November 22, 2006.

* Haditha Statement by Murtha Not Holding, (via Reuters), October 5, 2006.

* Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Covers for Murtha/Haditha Statement, October 2, 2006.

* US Marines considered bombing Haditha home, (Reuters), September 27, 2006.

* Time-Lai, (Sweetness & Light), September 7, 2006.

* Marine Called Haditha Shootings Appropriate, (Washington Post), August 24, 2006.

* The road to Haditha: changing face of war, (Baltimore Sun), August 23, 2006.

* Marine didn't suspect Haditha wrongdoing, (Las Vegas Sun), August 19, 2006.

* Officer called Haditha routine--Marine said deaths didn't merit inquiry, (Washington Post), August 19, 2006.

* Report: Marines may have foiled evidence (more slanderous accusations), (AP / Yahoo), August 18, 2006. See also duplicate thread.

* Congressman [Kline] makes apology to Marines, (Reuters), August 18, 2006.

* LA Times falsely claims that Murtha was briefed before making charges, (Newsbusters), August 17, 2006.

* The Haditha Massacre: A Congressman [Kline, R-MN] Apologizes, (Time), August 15, 2006.

* Haditha investigation prompts introspection, disbelief within Marine Corps, (San Diego Union), August 15, 2006.

* Haditha probe leaves Marines wondering / Haditha probes prompts concerns among Marines, (AP), August 14, 2006.

* Freeper Exclusive! Homecoming for K/3/5 Marines, August 13, 2006.

* Photo of Marine in Haditha: Cpl.Tom C. Ferguson's father fights Murtha's lies, August 11, 2006.

* Rush to judgment: Iraq war Marine infantry platoon commander exposes Murtha's lies, August 10, 2006.

* Haditha Marines came under fire--says lawyer, August 9, 2006.

* Father of Haditha Marine stonewalled by Reid, Murtha, August 8, 2006

* Pentagon leaders distorting Haditha facts, (NewsMax), August 8, 2006.

* Whatever it is, this isn't treason, (Observer-Reporter / SW PA), August 6, 2006.

* Marine generals: Haditha probe helps reinforce Corps integrity, (North Country Times), August 4, 2006.

* General briefed Murtha AFTER murder comment, Corps says, (Reuters), August 3, 2006.

* Iraqis, Marines improve Haditha security, (Multi-National Forces-Iraq), August 3, 2006.

* Marine alleges libel, (Johnstown Tribune-Democrat), August 3, 2006.

* Murtha statement on lawsuit, (John Murtha US Rep) August 2, 2006.

* Source: Haditha evidence implicates Marines (lying sack of crap alert), (AP / MSNBC), August 2, 2006.

* Marine names Murtha in defamation suit, (Washington Post), August 2, 2006.

* Biased Reporting, (Thomas Sowell /, July 12, 2006.

* Haditha report to be made public, (North Country Times), July 11, 2006.

* The media's dereliction of duty, (Opinion Editorials), July 10, 2006.

* Marines face "day of pain" in killings probe (findings should be made public in probably a week), July 9, 2006.

* U.S. commander finishes Haditha review, (AP), July 8, 2006.

* Marine cover-up over Haditha deaths? (traitor media won't give up smearing U.S. troops), (MSNBC), July 8, 2006.

* Report: No cover-up of Haditha, (Washington Times), July 7, 2006.

* Report finds U.S. Marines failed to probe Haditha: CBS, (Reuters), July 7, 2006.

* The My Lai Lie, (Fred Barnes / The Weekly Standard), July 3, 2006.

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Haditha, Iraq

Before the incident of November 19, 2005:

* U.S., Iraq Forces Patrol Troubled City, AP via San Francisco Chronicle, October 5, 2005.

Quote: U.S. Marines leading an offensive in western Iraq patrolled the gravel and dirt streets of this riverside city Wednesday, catching the scent of Ramadan holiday meals wafting from homes and eyeing fliers taped to lampposts offering rewards to anyone who kills a U.S. serviceman.

* Under US noses, brutal insurgents rule Sunni citadel, The Guardian, August 22, 2005. "A three-hour drive north from is a miniature Taliban-like state. Insurgents decide who lives and dies, which salaries get paid, what people wear, what they watch and listen to....DVDs of beheadings on the bridge are distributed free in the souk. Children prefer them to cartoons." (NOTE: This article can also be viewed as a Free Republic thread. Click here.)

* The REAL Haditha, Chickenhawk Express, Blogspot.

After the incident:

* New look on life: Kodiak grad, 19, prepares for second tour in Iraq, Kodiak Daily Mirror, May 18, 2007.

* Roadside Bomb Kills Riverside Soldier in Iraq: National Guard Specialist Rhys W. Klasno, 20, died Sunday, KABC-TV, May 17, 2007. [Story no longer at original url.]

* Please don't go, Haditha mayor tells U.S. Marines, Seattle Times, May 13, 2007.

Quote: Since 2004, Iraq's western al-Anbar province -- the center of the Sunni-led insurgency -- has been the most dangerous part of the country for U.S. forces. But Marines here have been experiencing a respite in recent weeks. Attacks against Marines and soldiers are at their lowest point in four years.
In the six weeks since his battalion arrived, Lt. Col. James Bierman, commanding officer of the 1st regiment, 3rd infantry, has seen only five of his troops wounded and none killed; the battalion that preceded his suffered 24 killed and 230 wounded in seven months.

* Marines in Haditha: Locals not focused on alleged ’05 massacre, Stars and Stripes, March 4, 2007. [Story no longer at original url.]

* New offensive launched against Iraqi insurgents, Chicago Tribune, May 26, 2005.

Quote: In Haditha, 140 miles northwest of Baghdad, the fighting began before dawn yesterday. Gunfire came from three houses in a narrow street, surprising a Marine patrol that was headed for the city's main market nearby, said Maj. Kei Braun, executive officer for Lima Company of the 3rd Battalion of the 25th Marines Regiment.
Cpl. Jeff Hunter, 26, said he and another Marine stormed one house. "It was pretty intense," Hunter said. "It's quite an experience when you see your friend walk through a door and see a muzzle two inches from his chest."
The insurgents apparently commandeered the houses, causing civilians to be trapped.
Hunter said he threw a grenade inside a house and then another Marine threw a second grenade after forces heard a noise in a back room. That room contained about four women and six children; one woman was fatally wounded, the Marines said.
"She just got caught in the cross-fire," Braun said.

* Ansar al-Sunnah Announces the Graduation of its Sniper Brigade in Haditha, and Claims Responsibility for Bombings Targeting Iraqi Forces, Site Institute, December 20, 2006. [Story is no longer at the original url.]

* US, Iraqi troops seal off Haditha--residents, Reuters, December 8, 2006. News from the "heartland of the Sunni insurgency". (Note: This article can also be viewed as a Free Republic thread. Click here.) x

* Marines locked in Anbar standoff: Al-Qaida insurgency called well-financed, well-led and elusive, Baltimore Sun, January 2, 2007.


A Timeline: May 7, 2005-December 21, 2006


May 7: Four U.S. troops were killed when insurgents launched a multistage attack from a Haditha hospital in an ambush that included a suicide car bomber, a roadside bomb and gunfire from fortified positions in the hospital. More than half of the building was destroyed with the explosion and ensuing fire. Insurgents used patients and staff as human shields as they attacked Marines from the hospital and later retreated from the Marine counterattack. [See articles: Global Security and Associated Press.]

August 1: Six Marine snipers were killed in an ambush on a foot patrol outside of Haditha. Five Marines were killed by small-arms fire in the initial assault, but one was "unaccounted for" and later found dead a couple of miles away, a Marine statement said. Officials declined to say whether he was taken hostage before he was killed.

August 3: Fourteen Marines and their translator were killed by a powerful improvised explosive device (IED) made out of three bombs put together in an amphibious assault vehicle near Haditha.

November 17: Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi enlists John Murtha in attacks on the Bush administration. Pelosi's goal is to be speaker of a Democrat-controlled Congress. Murtha's goal is to be House Majority Leader.

At a joint press conference with Pelosi, Murtha releases a statement that it's time to bring our troops home from Iraq. The statement is broadcast around the world, and is greeted with cheers by America's enemies in Iraq who are now emboldened to attack our troops.

Two days, later in Haditha...

November 19: A roadside bomb strikes a humvee carrying Marines from Kilo Company, 3rd Battalion, 1st Marines. The bomb kills Lance Corporal Miguel Terrazas, 20, from El Paso, Texas.
The area was cleared and a firefight ensued. Nine hostiles were killed as well as 15 possible civilians. (John Murtha will later claim, without proof, that all 24 were gunned down "in cold blood".)

November 20: A 43-year-old Iraqi named Thaer Thabit al-Hadithi videotapes bodies at the local morgue, people wailing, and inside the homes of the dead Iraqi civilians. He then sits on the videotape for four months.

In the Time magazine story of March 19, al-Hadithi is falsely described as a "budding journalist student" with ties to Human Rights Watch .
The Associated Press will claim that al-Hadithi is an "Iraq investigator".
In truth, al-Hadithi is just an Iraqi with a video camera and insurgent sympathies.
For an account of misrepresentations by the media about the source for the Haditha story, see Sweetness & Light.


February 10: A Time magazine reporter contacts military sources in Baghdad about the circumstances of the Haditha incident.

Note: General Peter Pace, chairman of the Joints Chiefs, later told CNN (May 29, 2006): "To my recollection, the first we knew about it back here in D.C. was around the 10th of February. And the very next day is when the investigations began. So, from my perspective, as soon as we found out that there were allegations, the investigations began."

February 14: Army Lt. Gen. Peter W. Chiarelli, commander of multinational forces in Iraq, appoints Army Col. Gregory Watt to head a preliminary investigation into the Haditha deaths.

March 3: Col. Watt completes preliminary report, which concludes there is no evidence of wanton murder or a cover-up but recommends further investigation. 

March 9: Lt. Gen. Chiarelli receives the findings of Col. Watt's preliminary report and directs further review.

March 10: Reportedly, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld learned of the Haditha investigation on this day (see note regarding General Pace above.)

March 15: In another incident, Iraqis claim that U.S. forces intentionally killed civilians at Ishaqi, a village north of Baghdad. On June 2, a military investigation clears the troops of misconduct, despite dramatic video made by Iraqis. The probe found that the use of force was justified under the circumstances and that allegations the military intentionally killed a family is not warranted.

March 16: The Marine Corps officially requests an investigation into the incident at Haditha. The probe began immediately. Within 24 hours, three Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) agents in Iraq went to Haditha to investigate.

March 16: The existence of a criminal investigation into the deaths in Haditha is reported in the media.

March 17: At a press conference, Lt. General Peter W. Chiarelli summarizes the events at Haditha and the preliminary investigation into Marine involvement in the deaths. He says, "We take these allegations of potential misconduct seriously, and they will be thoroughly investigated."

March 19: After receiving final recommendations from Colonel Watt, Lt. General Chiarelli appoints Army Maj. General Eldon Bargewell to investigate two major aspects of what happened in Haditha: training and preparation of Marines prior to the engagement and the reporting of the incident at all levels of the chain of command.

March 19: Time magazine prints the first Haditha story, based on the word of our enemy: "Collateral damage or civilian massacre in Haditha?"

May 17: Rep. John Murtha states that Marines deliberately killed Iraqis in cold blood. "There was no fire fight," Murtha claims. "There was no IED that killed these innocent people. Our troops overreacted because of the pressure on them and they killed innocent civilians in cold blood. And that's what the [investigative] report is going to tell." Murtha claims his source is General Michael W. Hagee (see May 24). This is later proven to be a lie.

May 21: John Murtha is a guest on CNN's The Situation Room. The following exchange takes place:
Wolf Blitzer
: How do you know [the massacre] happened?
: Because Time has pictures. (referring to pictures taken by Thaer Thabit al-Hadithi.)

May 24: General Michael W. Hagee, commander of the Marine Corps, briefs Murtha about Haditha--seven days after Murtha claims that the briefing took place. Murtha will not admit to his lie but will admit that General Hagee never used the phrase "in cold blood". (Philadelphia Inquirer)

May 25: General Hagee, flies to Iraq to speak with troops to reinforce the need for Marines to adhere to the Corps' values and standards of behavior and to avoid the use of excess force.

May 28: John Murtha appears on ABC's This Week and claims that U.S. Marines made condolence payments to the families of Iraqis killed in Haditha--at a time when the Marines' official explanation for the deaths was a roadside bomb. (These payments are usually made for accidental deaths during fighting.)
Murtha also claims that the incident in Haditha will be worse for the American war effort than Abu Ghraib. No one asks, Then why are you publicizing it without knowing the facts?

May 28: Sen. John Warner (R-VA), chairman of the Armed Services Committee, says the panel will hold hearings on the Haditha incident.

May 29: Even as the investigation continues, Murtha charged the Marines with a cover-up. "There has to have been a cover-up of this thing," Murtha rants. "No question about it."

May 30: "The details of what happened in Haditha are still murky," the Associated Press reports.

May 31: President Bush makes his first public comments about the deaths in Haditha, promising that "If in fact, laws were broken, there will be punishment."

May 31: A CNN reporter expresses shock (and doubt) about the Haditha allegations.

June 1: Reuters journalist Ali al-Mashhadani (responsible for some of the first reports on the Haditha incident, upon which he stumbled shortly after being released from five months in a US military prison) was released after a second two-week stay in military custody. Commentary in Little Green Footballs.

June 2: The Washington Post reports on the difficulty of the investigation: "Investigators of Haditha Shootings Look to Exhume Bodies". The Iraqis will not allow this to be done.

June 5: The Leftist nitwits at the Nation say the Marines in Haditha "perpetrated a massacre".

June 5: Christopher Hitchens in Slate explains why Haditha isn't My Lai.

June 6: Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Warner says his panel won't investigate alleged U.S. Marine atrocities at Haditha until the Pentagon completes its own investigation. But he renews his vow to hold open hearings on the incident.

June 7: An Associated Press story presents a detailed account of what happened in Haditha--according to "activist" Thaer Thabit al-Hadithi. The AP notes hopefully: "The threatening to further weaken popular support for the Iraq war in the United States and has tarnished the military’s image in Iraq and around the world…"

June 16: The report by Maj. Gen. Bargewell into training and preparation of Marines prior to the Haditha incident and the reporting of information concerning the incident is forwarded to Lt. Gen. Chiarelli, the top U.S. commander in Iraq. The report finds no evidence of a cover-up, but instead finds that officers failed to ask the right questions or press the Marines about what happened.

August: Lt. Gen. James Mattis, the incoming commander of the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force at Camp Pendleton, California, is briefed on the Haditha investigative report by officials from the Naval Criminal Investigative Service. Mattis will convene with his lawyers to determine whether charges should be filed.

November 21: The names of five Marines who will be charged are leaked to NPR by anonymous sources. (One of the names was Cpl. Hector Salinas who wasn't charged but may have been being squeezed by prosecutors.)

December 6: Lt. Gen. Richard Natonski, former commanding general of Camp Pendleton's 1st Marine Division briefed members of Congress about the Haditha incident. Meanwhile, anonymous Camp Pendleton sources told the press that charges were expected to be announced the week of December 18th.

December 21: Eight Marines were charged for the incident at Haditha.


Murtha: The Libel Suit

"...they killed innocent civilians in cold blood."
Representative John Murtha (D-PA), 17 May 2006

“…the accused must be presumed to be innocent until his guilt is established
by legal and competent evidence beyond reasonable doubt.”
-- Uniform Code of Military Justice, USC Title 10,
Chapter 47, Subchapter VII, Article 51(c)(1)

* Complaint Against John Murtha by Frank D. Wuterich: Action for Libel; Invasion of Privacy/False Light; Republication by Third Parties (a pdf file)

Back to Contents.


Interview with Mark Zaid, attorney for S/Sgt Frank Wuterich

MSNB's Hardball (with Mike Barnicle filling in for Chris Matthews), August 3, 2006.

BARNICLE:  Mark Zaid filed the lawsuit for his client, Staff Sergeant Frank Wuterich.  Mark, you just heard the Congressman.  Is that why you‘re suing him, because of what he said then? 

MARK ZAID, ATTORNEY FOR FRANK WUTERICH:  Well not entirely.  There are some defenses that Congressman Murtha could hide behind, and part of it is whether he had met the speech and debate clause.  In giving a speech or a press conference over on the Hill could possibly fall within that, but he did more than that.  He took those comments and he went out on the road. 

He went to numerous media outlets, including this, I believe, this one and your competitors, and said those types of statements, statements like, the Marines killed them in cold blood, that they balked under the pressure, that they were untrained, that they were not under fire.  All of those statements are false. 

BARNICLE:  So you know what Congressman Murtha has said in response to the lawsuit, that I don‘t blame the Staff Sergeant for lashing out when I spoke up about Haditha, my intention was to draw attention to the horrendous pressure put on our troops in Iraq and to the cover-up of the incident.  So I would assume, never mind the lawsuit, well first of all, what do you hope to get from the lawsuit against Congressman Murtha, before we get into the anticipated trial of your client.

ZAID:  Ideally an apology from Congressman Murtha.  In fact, we would drop the lawsuit tomorrow if Congressman Murtha admitted or indicated an apology to these Marines, that he had over-reacted and he had prematurely concluded guilt, which is what the problem is.  His statement really says it al. 

For one thing, this is not a political lawsuit.  We have no political motives.  We don‘t care about whether troops should be in Iraq or not in Iraq.  Congressman Murtha raises many legitimate questions in some circles about what the situation is over there, but what he did was irresponsible, especially conduct unbecoming a marine officer, which he was in Vietnam, to go in public, prematurely, months before the investigation is finished, and issue this statement and commentary that in fact he has prejudged these individuals, and tainted not only the jury pool, but ceded the public thought, that in fact these are cold blooded killers, when what they were doing was defending themselves if a very tragic situation where unfortunately collateral victims were killed. 

BARNICLE:  Have you asked the Congressman for an apology? 

ZAID:  Not yet.  But one of the things we‘re actually going to do is we‘re going to make that offer to him.  If he apologizes for the comments, this is not a case about money, he apologizes for those comments, we‘ll very gladly withdraw the lawsuit and then let the investigation, the official investigation, let those chips fall where they may. 

BARNICLE:  What does the Defense Department, what does Marine Corps and Navy intelligence, investigative services tell you about the investigation?  When will it be completed, do you know? 

ZAID:  Yes.  They tell us absolutely nothing actually.  Every piece of information we‘ve had about the official investigation has come from the media, or anonymous, cowardly leaks from the Defense Department.  They shouldn‘t be talking to us until in fact there may be charges, if ever, proffered against.  That‘s what raises the issue.  Why were DOD officials talking to Congressman Murtha, who has no reason to know about a premature or a pending criminal investigation into the conduct of these Marines. 

BARNICLE:  Who do you think told them? 

ZAID:  Well, he had said, in fact, that it was the commandant of the Marines, which raises additional issues of command influence.  If in fact Congressman Murtha is telling the truth and I have a great doubt believing that the commandant of the Marines, three months before an investigation was complete, would meet with a Congressman and say you know what, my boys committed cold blooded murder and are war criminals on the same level as the My Lai Massacre from back in Vietnam, but if in fact he said that, those people or those judges who will be serving in the Marines who are overseeing these cases ...

BARNICLE:  The trial board. 

ZAID:  If they‘re looking at the Marine commandant saying that these fellows are guilty, well that‘s a problem with commander influence. 

BARNICLE:  Your client, where is he right now?  Out at Camp Pendleton? 

He‘s not in the brig is he?

ZAID:  Not in the brig.  In fact, he was promoted in January of this year, once he came back, actually before he even came back from Iraq and he goes to work every day and does his performance and his duties just as he has for the last eight years. 

BARNICLE:  So, never mind, you don‘t know what possible charges might be filed against your client.  You don‘t know if charges will be filed. 

ZAID:  That‘s right.  All we‘ve known so far is that NCIS has been reported to have completed its investigation, but will still do interviews and even if that is true, the anonymous military officials who are saying charges will be brought, they have no idea, because the NCIS does not decide whether charges will be brought.  They send the documents, their investigative reports to the prosecutors and then the prosecutors have to talk to the charging officials to decide.  This is weeks away, so whoever these sources are is doing nothing but feeding some sort of frenzy for some private agenda. 

ZAID:  ... prosecutors and then the prosecutors have to talk to the charging officials to decide.  This is weeks away, so whoever these sources are, is doing nothing but feeding some sort of frenzy for some private agenda. 

BARNICLE:  All right.  So if charges are filed, I would assume they would be the most serious that you could accrue against someone, they would be murder. 

ZAID:  I would assume so. 

BARNICLE:  Let‘s assume so.  You‘ve had extensive discussions with your client, Sergeant Wuterich, so would the defense, the potential defense of the Sergeant Wuterich against such a charge, would it be for the American public a clear picture, a clear insight in to the pressures that these troopers, Marines and army soldiers, are under each and every day in Iraq? 

ZAID:  Well, I can‘t speak for all the Marines who potentially could be charged, because each of them may have been under different circumstances.  Staff Sergeant Wuterich, this was actually his first tour in Vietnam, sorry, in Iraq.  He had just gotten there.  He had been in the military for a number of years, but he wasn‘t under any type of pressure that I‘m aware of that might lead to it. 

I mean, there‘s a number of obvious defenses.  The best one being self defense.  They were under fire.  There were bullets going by them.  There had been a bomb, an IED. that had kill one of their individuals, one of their colleagues.  They went into a house, and there were Iraqis with automatic weapons pointed at them, who they killed.  It‘s expected that in split second decisions, they have to decide, is this a threat or not and sometimes as I said, civilians unfortunately are killed.  It‘s happened in every war we‘ve ever been in, in the history of mankind. 

BARNICLE:  Come back and talk to us about it when, if charges are filed? 

ZAID:  Or if Congressman Murtha apologizes. 

BARNICLE:  Mark Zaid, thanks very much.


Other U.S. Casualities in Haditha

(Note: Hyperlinks have been removed because old news stories are frequently removed or moved at the source. To find a story, try searching the title at the internet search engine of your choice.)

Memorial Held for Marine Killed in Iraq, 1st Lt. Joshua Booth, CBS4Boston, December 2, 2006.

Jefferson Country Marine severely wounded in Iraq, Cpl. Bradley Walker, WATE6 / Knoxville, TN, November 30, 2006.

Wounded Marine wishes to be in Iraq, Cpl. Andrew Lowe, Honolulu Advertiser, November 28, 2006

"Not a Big Guy, But Tough as Hell", Lance Cpl. Jeromy D. West, Lance Cpl. Joshua C. Alonzo, Pfc. Heath Warner, and Lance Cpl. James R. Davenport, Honolulu Advertiser via MarineCorpTimes.

Former Lincolnite killed in Iraq, Lance Cpl. Michael Scholl, Journal Star / Lincoln, NE, November 16, 2006.

Ohio Marines Betrayed in Iraq? "Members of the 3rd Battalion 25th Marines were based in Haditha, an Iraqi insurgent stronghold about 140 miles northwest of Baghdad." WNWD / Toledo, OH, January 4, 2006


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