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Marines vs Code Pink in Berkeley
Daily Show transcript

March 10, 2008

Comedy Central, The Daily Show with John Stewart,  March 10, 2008

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Jon Stewart: One of the downsides of having an all-volunteer military is that you need people to volunteer. Itís not usually a huge problem, you just have to ask nicely. But some people donít want to hear the question. Rob Riggle has more.

Rob Riggle (VO): The United States Marine Corps has fought in countless battles over the years. From Iowa Jima to Khe Sanh to the Battle of Fallujah. But today the Corps faces its toughest fight yet.

Tape, Berkeley City Council meeting (woman): The Marines ought to have better sense than to come here.

Rob Riggle (VO): Yes, the Marines dared to rent office space and open a recruiting center in Berkeley, California. I headed to the front lines to get the story. Not only as a reporter but as a veteran of the Marines.

Man on the street interviewee: Berkeley is a bastion of liberal thought and the Marines are just the opposite.

Man on the street interviewee #  2: I kind of felt probably like the Iraqis felt, like we were being occupied here in Berkeley.

Rob Riggle (VO): Heís right. The two are practically indistinguishable.

Thatís Berkeley. Thatís Iraq.

Berkeley. Iraq.

Not sure.


The city fought back and hit the Marines hardÖwith a resolution telling them to leave.

To earn the trust of the locals, I had to blend in.

Bob Meola, Berkeley Peace and Justice Commissioner (studio interview): I donít know a good use of the Marines in my lifetime. And what is offensive about Marine recruiters in Berkeley is the fact that they are recruiting people for mass murder. They are here to out-front recruit people into their killing machine thatís perpetrating educational institutionsÖ

Rob Riggle: Excuse me, Bob. (Leaves set.) Whooooo-aaargh!!! Hippies! Boards! Hi-yaaaaaaaa! (Karate kicks boards and calms down. Returns to interview.) Sorry, I had to go cool out for a minute.

Bob: Oh, what happened?

Rob Riggle: My buzz. It was getting a little wrecked, know what I mean?

Bob: Right on. Marines train people to kill people. The Marines are not a moral influence andÖ

Rob Riggle: Excuse me, Bob, I hate to do this again. Iíve got to excuse myselfÖ[Crashing through wall] Hippies! Hippies! Aoooorgh!

Rob Riggle (VO): With this amoral force refusing to live their stripmall desk, Berkeley enlisted its own fighting force.

[Protesters outside recruiting center, singing:] We are hugging, we are hugging for a peaceful world!

Rob Riggle (VO): Code Pink! You may remember them from Operation Annoy Senator Feinstein.

[Voice:] Waterboarding is torture!

Rob Riggle (VO): Or Operation Yell At George Bush Doll.

And who can forget Operation Senate Interrupt?

But their tactics in Berkeley may be their most innovative yet. They called it, Donít Enlist, Stay and Kiss. I called it, Shock and Awe.

Code Pinker # 1: It is our responsibility as the public to shut this station down, to shut this recruiting station down.

Code Pinker # 2: Code Pink stands for free speech.

Code Pinker # 1: It is very important to protect free speech and so we clearly have the right to be here.

Rob Riggle: If only there was an organization that was sworn to defend that free speech.

Code Pinker # 1: That would be great.

Rob Riggle: That would be outstanding, right?

Rob Riggle (VO): Why canít these Marines see that they have no right to be recruiting troops on US soil?

Code Pinker # 3: The MarinesÖwe donít need to be worrying about their rights. Itís not an equal relationship.

Rob Riggle (VO): Thatís obvious. Any giant-handed Constitutional scholar will tell you that.

Code Pinker # 1: Wars in general would stop if we didnít have weapons just like violence on our streets would stop if we didnít have weapons.

Rob Riggle: So if we got rid of police we wouldnít have crime?

Code Pinker # 1:Potentially.

Rob Riggle (VO): It just makes sense. If they can shut down this recruiting center, it will become yet another of Berkeleyís famous Crepes A Go Go. And world peace will be at hand.

Bob Meola: Well, just think if we had a Department of Peace, it could reach down into every community talking about peace studies and conflict resolution

Rob Riggle: Sounds like a magical place, man.

Bob: Um...

Rob Riggle: Oh, Iím sorry, you think that could be a real place?

Bob: Yeah!

Rob Riggle: Oh, Iím sorry, I thought you were totally kidding.

Bob: No.

Rob Riggle: Oh, Iím embarrassed.

Rob Riggle (VO): With the Marines refusing to leave, giving Code Pink the last word was the least I could do.

Code Pinker # 3: This is Berkeley, the most peace-loving cityÖ

Code Pinker # 4: US out of Iraq!

Rob Riggle (VO): Really, youíre interrupting your own interview?

Semper Fi, Code Pink. Semper Fi.


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