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Trial for Marine in civilian court two weeks away

Defend Our Marines offers match
for defense fund donations

by David Allender | August 7, 2008 | pdf version

August 18, 2008
Our fund drive for Jose Nazario has surpassed its goal. To date, one thousand and two hundred dollars has been received, and our matching contribution of one thousand dollars has been received by the defense fund administrator (see the note at the end of Major Donahue's blog post here).

Our heartfelt thanks to Defend Our Marines readers for your support. If you haven't already made a donation already, please consider one today. The original appeal, posted on August 7, is below.


Major Bill Donahue (USMC, retired) has a personal stake in the Third Battle of Fallujah. He lost a son in that city (a second son lost both legs a month later in Iraq). Now Donahue heads United American Patriots, a national non-profit 501(c) 3 organization and its Warrior Fund project. His mission is to ensure justice for soldiers and Marines accused of crimes arising out of combat in Iraq.

Donahue speaks with passion about his cause. And he speaks with understandable pride about his successes. Donations from Warrior Fund were crucial to the recent exonerations of Sgt. Leonardo Treviño and Sgt. 1st Class Trey Corrales. Regarding contributions from across America, lawyer Rick Stevens said "you all played a part in these victories"

“My Board of Directors and I are doing this because we know that the government isn’t giving our troops a fair shake,” Donahue says. “We also know that our soldiers and Marines already have the deck stacked against them. When a sitting congressional representative, John Murtha, can publicly proclaim our Marines as being ‘cold-blooded murderers’ even before any investigation begins, it is evident that politics is playing a major hand in these prosecutions. Either patriotic Americans step forward with money they would otherwise spend at the movies or these troop’s families will have to mortgage their lives to pay for an adequate civilian legal defense. JAG-appointed attorneys are notoriously inexperienced in these sorts of cases. We know times are tough for many citizens, but think about how tough spending the rest of your life in a military prison would be like--for just doing your duty.”

As has been reported extensively by Nat Helms for Defend Our Marines, the Third Battle of Fallujah will take place in courtrooms.

Jose Nazario will go on trial in civilian court in just two weeks (Donahue’s organization is shouldering the lion’s share of his legal fees). Nazario is charged voluntary manslaughter for the deaths of insurgents inside a house during combat operations. He is also charged with a long list of lesser charges including "knowingly using and carrying a firearm".

As a Marine, Nazario faced the full might of the Iraq insurgency. Now, as a defendant, he faces the full might (and unlimited resources) of the United States government. Nazario’s resources are practically nonexistent, but Bill Donahue aims to tip the scales just a little by raising cash for his defense.

Here’s how you can help.

Go online to the Warrior Fund and donate now (just write “Jose Nazario Defense Fund” in the comment field during the checkout process). Or if, you prefer, send a check, to...

United American Patriots Inc
Attn: Warrior Fund / Jose Nazario case
5817 Starboard Drive, Suite 100
Greensboro NC 27410

Defend Our Marines will match the first $1,000 dollar-for-dollar with a $1,000 contribution of our own.

We’ve never made such a direct appeal for help here on Defend Our Marines but are doing so now because we believe that Jose Nazario deserves the thanks of a grateful nation, not the prospect of life in prison.

We also believe in Bill Donahue as a man who is totally committed to justice. And we believe neither Jose nor his family should have to forfeit their lives in financial ruin to prove his innocence.

It’s urgent and imperative that the defenders of our nation receive just treatment from the citizens they’d give their lives to protect. If you agree, please step up today. Without your help, a good man like Nazario will never have the justice he so richly has earned.  


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