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Haditha maps:
coordinates painstakingly discovered by RS

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Reconstruction of White Taxi shooting

Larger image, same as above

Positions of the four vehicles in the convoy, the white sedan, and the shooters: Cpl. Dela Cruz and SSgt. Wuterich

Another view of the convoy and taxi on Route Chestnut.

A good candidate for the location of the COP. Guessing that named routes are paved roads, they came down Leopard to a dirt road, it ran into Badger and the COP was at Badger and River Rd. Itís about 800 yards from the safehouse, but in the right direction.


Images below need revision:









Aerial of the entire ambush in Haditha on November 19, 2005 (from Google Earth).




Large aerial of the initial ambush vicinity showing approximate positions
of the convoy, white taxi, houses 1, 2, 4, and the suspected trigger house
(from Google Earth).

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DIIR overlays (from the story, Al Qaeda in Haditha: The battle the media ignored

The two below are related. The first is from the DIIR, the second is from Google Earth showing locations.