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Haditha Allegations Against 1st Lt Andrew Grayson

Press release from attorney Joseph N. Casas | September 12, 2007

SAN DIEGO, CA – “1st Lieutenant Grayson has turned down a prosecutorial offer that would have resulted in a full dismissal of court-martial charges,” stated Joseph N. Casas, civilian defense lawyer for Lt. Grayson.

Lt. Grayson, 26, took the decision to fight the charges alongside his wife Susan, 25, who recently took a leave of absence from her medical studies at the University of Arizona to support him.  “I firmly believe in my husband's innocence.  I have never been more proud of him, and I support his strength and courage to do what is right” she said. 

Today, Grayson stated, "Recently I was asked by the prosecution to 'fall on my sword for the greater good of the Marine Corps.'  The prosecution wanted me to distort the truth to fit their end goal.  Simply stated, I cannot sell my integrity, morals, reputation, and effectively my soul.  I cannot compromise my integrity.”  

Lt. Grayson’s decision to fight for his innocence also involved the difficult decision of relieving his military defense counsel, Major Scott Woodard due to prosecutorial tactics that caused a permanent loss of confidence. 

"I was forced to relieve my military defense counsel, Major Woodard, due to a conflict of interest created by the prosecution.  In June, the Marine Corps discharged me.  After my civilian defense counsel notified the government that I was no longer on active duty, the prosecution threatened to launch an investigation against Major Woodard for not alerting them that I was no longer on active duty.  This threat and pressure unfortunately created an irreparable conflict of interest,” stated Lt. Grayson. 

The decision to relieve Major Woodard means that his new military defense counsel, who has not yet been detailed to the case, will have a short time to get up to speed on the facts of the case and prepare for trial.  Also in question is whether or not the Marine Corps will appoint two military defense attorneys.

The prosecution’s cavalier tactics did not stop there. 

"I have personally experienced the prosecution's pressure tactics.  Since this investigation began, LtCol Sullivan, the lead prosecutor on the case, has held various inappropriate one-on-one conversations with me, out of the presence of my defense counsel, in which he attempted to undermine my defense counsel, cajoled me into believing he had my best interests in mind, and spoke with me specifically about the matters relating to the case,” stated Lt. Grayson. 

According to his civilian defense counsel, Lt. Grayson’s Article 32 hearing will be scheduled sometime between late September and November.  After which General Mattis, the top-officer overseeing the Haditha cases, will make the decision on the viability of the court-martial charges against Lt. Grayson. 

“I look forward to fighting for Lt. Grayson’s innocence.  I am proud to represent Lt. Grayson and his family, and I am especially refreshed by Lt. Grayson’s level of integrity and morals in the face of the government’s bountiful resources thrown at these cases,” stated Mr. Casas.   

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