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Her Majesty the Queen Mary (Colonel-in-Chief) and Officers of the 1st Bn QOR of C, Mandora Barracks, Aldershot, 10 September 1941.

Front row, left to right:
Capt. H.R. Downie; Capt. J.M. Milne, Maj. (PMR) W.R. Taylor ED; Maj. W.T. Barnard; Maj. V.A. Gianelli; Capt. D.J. LeQuesne (Adjutant); Lt-Col. H.C. MacKendrick; Her Majesty the Queen Mary; Maj, J.G. Spragge (2nd in command); Maj. R.M. Hudson; Maj. J.E.C. Pangman; Maj. G.F.C. Pangman; Capt. F.L.J. Grout; Capt. W.A. Robertson; Capt. W.E. Bawden (QM).

Second row, left to right:

Lt. A.V. Malone; Lt. W.E. Fess; Lt. E.P.T. Green, Lt. R.A. Harris; Lt. R.D. Medland; Lt. C.N. Bradshaw; Lt. A.I. Matheson, Lt. J.N. Gordon; Lt. E.A. Dunlop; Lt. T.E. Parkinson; Lt. J.L. Dampier; Lt. J.G. Alley; Capt. C.O. Dalton; Lt. N.R. Pilcher; Lt. I.R.F. Wilson; Capt R.D. MacLaren RCAMC.

Third row, left to right:

Lt. W.D. Stewart; Lt. H.E. Dalton; Lt. T.E. Sisson; Lt. R.C. Clarkson;  Lt. S.C. Heyes; Mr. C. Ferris (Aux. Ser.); Lt. J.H.K. Booth; Lt, A.J. Greathead; Capt. A.G. Cherrier; Lt. D.A. Keith; H/Capt. J.C. Clough (Padre); Lt. S.M. Lett; Lt. R.W. Sawyer; Capt. R.B.G. Macdonell; Lt. J.I. Mills; Lt. O.A. Nickson


Officers of Regimental H.Q., 1st Bn and 2nd BN, QOR of C, Toronto, 1936.

Front row, left to right:
Maj. R.S. Harrison MC; Maj. W.L. Bryan; Maj. H.C. MacKendrick ED; Lt-Col. P.R. Hampton; Maj-Gen. R. Rennie CB CMG DSO MVO VD; Col. R.B. Gibson VD; Maj. E.R. Purvis DSO; Maj. I.M. Macdonnel MBE; Maj. C.A. Scott ED; Maj. V.M. Howard VD; Capt. J.H. Westren

Second row, left to right:

Lt. H.R. Downie; Capt. R.M. Hudson; Capt. J.H.T. MacKenzie; Maj. J.A. Reilly; Maj. W.R. Taylor ED; Maj. E.O. King; Director of Music Lt. J. Buckle; Capt. A.C. Lucas; Capt. V.A. Gianelli; Capt. A.R. Wilkins (MO); Maj. A.E. MacDonald MC (MO) 

Third row, left to right:

Lt. D.J. LeQuesne; Lt. R Seagram; Lt. R.C. Clarkson; Lt. W.E. Bawden; Lt. T.E. Sisson; Capt. G.G. Morrow; 2/Lt. W. Dalton; Lt. G.F. Pangman; Lt. J.M. Delamere; Capt. J.H. Wainwright; Lt. J.D. Cockburn; Lt. R.B. Macdonnell; Lt. J.T.F. Orr

Back row, left to right:

Capt. D. Gossage (MO); Lt. F.L.J. Grout; Lt. W.J. Barnard; Lt. S.M. Lett; Lt. I.R.F. Wilson; Lt. J.G. Crean; Lt. J.M. Godfrey; Lt. J.F. Barrett; Capt. J.E.C. Pangman; Capt. W.N, Hovey; Lt. M.D.Scott; Lt. C.O. Dalton; Lt. W.A. Robertson; Lt. A.E.S. Redway; 2/Lt. J. Bell.

Rifleman W. Chicoski after receiving the Military Medal for valor on D-Day.

Badge of the Queen's Own.

Large map of Normandy battlefield: le Mesnil-Patry is at center,  Carpiquet at right,

Normandy beachhead map from Barnard's regimental history.

Officers and officials observing a 'house clearing' exercise by the QOR of C. (Left to right:) Lt. Col. J.G. Spragge, Lt. Gen. Ken Stuart, Col. George Currie, Brig. K.G. Blackader (National Archives of Canada PA 115547)

General H.D.G. Crerar (left) with Major H.F. Dalton (center) and Captain W.G.A. Gillespie of the QOR of C. 21 June 1945 (National Archives of Canada PA 136162)

Lt. Stan Biggs briefing Universal Carrier flame-thrower crews of the QOR, 29 July 1944. Vicinity of Vaucelles, Belgium. Photographer: Donald Grant. (National Archives of Canada: PA 136830) The men in the photograph were identified as follows:

Far left front: Cpl. H.A. Campbell (KIA)
Far right front: Lt. Biggs
Four men on ground in center: Rfn: W.T. Orton, Rfn. W.K. Cousineau, Rfn. L.G. Jones, Rfn. K. White
Four men on carrier at left (clockwise starting at lower left with man behind Campbell): Rfn. H.H. Pennell (KIA), Rfn. W. Starostic (KIA), Rfn. C. Tippet, Sgt. E. Rothwell (KIA)

From Doug Hester's scrapbook.

The three images below were copied from a newspaper and so are not high quality.

Charles Dalton meeting the Queen of England during his recuperation from a head wound received on D-Day.

Charles Dalton receiving the DSO from General Montgomery.

Charles Dalton (left) with his brother Elliot, long after the war, inspecting a painting of D-Day (Photo by Ron Bull / Toronto Star file photo).