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Doug Hester, age 16, as a bugler in the Governor General's Horse Guards, 1940.

Doug Hester with a British flag because the Floridian photographer didn't have a Maple Leaf! Mr. Hester wrote this caption: "A Bugler, a Rifleman, and a Lucky Soldier. The Medals are OK but the little Gold bar on the left sleeve knows that I was wounded. Two pieces of shrapnel in my left leg confirm the fact. Other problems that have led to 50% disability have not put me down. (Ruth gave me my M.A. ring and my Maple Leaf watch). This is all for fun on Monday July 10th 2000. May God Bless."

Doug Hester with the Queen's Own bugle band. He first joined the band at the age of fourteen.
The image above is from the photo below. Doug is standing in the second row, center, behind the bass drum player in the front row.

Bugle Band of The Queen's Own Rifles, Camp Niagara, Ontario.

Leaving home for England, October 1941.

Doug, standing far right, in England before D-Day.

News back home of Doug Hester's wound on D-Day.

From Doug Hester's scrapbook.  

Two images above: A letter to Doug Hester from his brother (serving in Italy), sent while Doug was recovering in England.

Hester is on the left, outside a Holding Area in England, wearing dark glasses and a bandage.

He explained in a letter: "We were in Shoreham by Sea billeted in nice homes. One day the sergeant told us to 'muck it out' and soon as you finish, you're free till the ten p.m. role call. You know how fast we did that! Except one fool, stupid SOB is a better description of him, threw handfuls of blank cartridges into a coal stove and just as I was walking by, they exploded. It caused a penetrating wound in my right eye."     

Doug's welcome home. The flags are the Canadian Red Ensign.

Doug Hester after the war. His medals are the '39-'45 Star, France-Germany Star, George IV Medal Defense of Britain, '39-'45 Canada Medal, George IV  Victory Medal.

BELOW: Ruth Alice Rebstock, later Ruth Hester. Doug and Ruth were both from Toronto, and wed in 1948.

Doug Hester and Herb Goldring

The Hon. Barnett (Barney) J. Danson and Doug Hester, back in Normandy, 1994.

All photos below are by Chuck Solomon from the summer of 1999.

Chuck visited Doug Hester at his Florida home and  photographed Mr. Hester playing THE LAST POST for his fallen QOR comrades.

The Queen's Own Rifles of Canada. In Loving Memory of Gerry Sykes. The Last Post. Bugler: Douglas Hester.

This is the cover of booklet Doug Hester prepares for next of kin, in remembrance.