All color photos by Chuck Solomon, 1999.

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The photos above and below were taken by  Philippe Bouriez on D-Day. The back of the photo above reads: "6 Juin 1944, les premiers Anglais"


Philippe Bouriez says, "This is the alley where I met and photographed the English soldiers on June 6th 1944 at 4 p.m."

Hallifax bomber over France (CFPU PL 30780).

Canadian troops move through the rubble of Caen, on or after 9 July 1944. (National Archives of Canada, PA 116510)

The homeless in Caen, taking refuge in Caen's abbey. It is a miracle that the historic church survived the bombing. (Photographer: Ken Bell. National Archives of Canada, PA 116290)

The search for belongings in Caen. (Photographer: Ken Bell. National Archives of Canada, PA 162534)

Aerial view of Caen showing River Orne and part of devastated city. (Photographer: Donald I. Grant. National Archives of Canada PA 137360)

Temporary housing for refugees from Caen area. 31 July 1944. (Photographer: Donald I. Grant. National Archives of Canada PA 136210)

Smoldering ruins of Caen. (From a Daily Express publication, Invasion!)

ABOVE: Grave of five British airmen buried together in Bieville.

BELOW: Detail of inscriptions.


The magnificent cathedral in Caen survived destruction.



Philippe Bouriez  finds names (including his own) written on the cellar wall on D-Day.

The name Philippe Bouriez is at the bottom below.

Messrs. Bouriez, Dyvrande, Juquin, and Dyvrande back in the cellar.

 A view from the cellar looking outward.

The Bouriez manoir.

Claire Bouriez

Francoise Bouriez in the doorway of the family manor

M. Juquin

M. Juquin pointing to repair of damaged building.

Messrs. Dyvrande and Juquin during the interview.