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Part One in a new series by Nathaniel R. Helms...
The Thundering Third Platoon, 2003: The March to Baghdad

Third Platoon, Kilo Company, 3rd Battalion–the Thundering Third–1st Marines is an enigma.  It is built for speed and power projection, the blunt end of American foreign policy.

Its Marines are trained and equipped to crush their opponents with unmatched aggressiveness, overwhelming firepower, and incomparable espirit décor. History has already shown that Third Platoon does its duty with unmatched valor and élan.

Its legion of critics says too much. During four combat deployments seven of its enlisted Marines have been charged with murder and other varieties of unlawful killing, a record unmatched in American military history. Read more...

Correcting the Record

Politics During Wartime (regarding the rescue of Pfc. Jessica Lynch), New York Times Op-Ed by Michael DeLong, April 27, 2007.

Books from the Battlefronts

My Men Are My Heroes: The Brad Kasal Story as told to Nathaniel R. Helms

Take Down by Jim Lacey. The combat history of the 3rd ID's twenty-one assault on Baghdad.

Ambush Alley by Tim Pritchard. Nasiriyah, March 23, 2003

Thunder Run by David Zucchino. The Second Brigade (the Spartan Brigade) of the Third Infantry Division (Mechanized) as that unit thrust into Baghdad in April 2003.

No True Glory by Bing West. Fallujah 2003-2004.


An Autumn of War the book by Victor Hanson Davis

Between War and Peace by Victor Hanson Davis

The New Greatest Generation

Silver Stars in Iraqi Freedom

Deuce Four Silver Stars (the 1st Battalion, 24th Infantry Regiment)

Sergeant First Class Paul Ray Smith: Medal of Honor


Air Strike in Fallujah (must be seen to be believed)

Taking Out Insurgents (The pictures were probably taken from an AH-64 Apache two and a half miles away. The insurgents in the picture are setting up a roadside bomb, you'll see them pacing off the distance, to ambush an American convoy which followed a short while after the pictures were taken. The guns on the Apache, by the way, are 30mm.)

Selection of films submitted to entertainment (

Printer Dissatisfaction

A soldier in Iraq called HP to deal with a broken all-in-one printer. He was told he'd have to pay them in order to learn how to fix it. These are the subsequent events that follow...
wmv, 2.16MB

Lazy Ramadi

The US Army spoof of the infamous SNL short film "Lazy Sunday", called "Lazy Ramadi." Starring SSG Matt Wright and SSG Josh Dobbs.
wmv, 7.59 MB

Hostile Demise

Watch as suspicious characters are surveilled and swift action ensues.
WMV, 5.47 MB


British units in Operation Iraqi Freedom (Operation Telic)

Australian support in Iraq: Operation Falconer

Poland Re-Ups New York Sun: 30 December 2005


Gulf War to Iraq War: 2 August 199019 March 2003

Iraq War: 19 March 2003—14 April 2003

Forces supporting Iraqi Freedom

British units in Iraq

Australian support

Two speeches: 19 March 2003

President Bush addresses the nation

Lt.-Col. Tom Collins addresses his troops of the Royal Irish

New Yorkers in Iraq: 23 February 2004

2nd Battalion, 108th Infantry


PHOTO AT LEFT: CAMP FALLUJAH, IRAQ - Corporals Keith Richardson, Andy Aranda, Wade Scott, Jarrod Bowers, Stephen Cornish, Nolan Ruby, Nicholas Mentges, Daniel Nichols and Sgts Christopher Rosetti and Daniel Blackwell all hold up banners sent to them from students at Fagley Middle School in Portage, Indiana. The students took time to put packages together to send to one of their teacher's brother-in-laws, Capt. Ed Nevgloski, Weapons Company Commander. The Marines are from 1st and 3rd Platoons.

Photo by: Lance Cpl. Athanasios L. Genos (5/15/05)