At left and right are Jones' service medals and Military Cross Citation from the Shropshire Regimental Museum.

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In 1994, Harry Jones' old regiment, the KSLI, published the following obituary.

JONES. Major Harry Grafton Jones MC BA died quietly at his home in All Stretton in the early hours of 26 September 1994, leaving a widow, Jill, and two daughters to whom we extend our sympathy and kind thoughts.

On leaving Dynefor School, South Wales, in 1941 Harry Jones had qualified for University but found himself instead firefighting on a blazing oil tanker off Holyhead and shortly afterwards enlisted into the Royal Artillery. During the War he served successively with 18th Battalion The Welch Regiment, 2KSLI and 2 LOYALS. While serving with 2KSLI in Normandy he was awarded the Military Cross for three successive acts of gallantry during the assault on Lebisey Wood. Immediately after that action he was wounded and spent the rest of the War convalescing in the UK. His post-war service saw him as Staff Captain 'A at HQ British Troops Klagenfurt (Austria), Troop Commander in 42 Field Regiment RA (Iserlohn), Instructor in 'Y' Battery RHA, Troop Commander in 10 Anti-Tank Regiment RA (Dortmund) and then in 76 Heavy AA Regiment RA (Newport IOW). He saw active service in the Korean War with 61 Light Regiment RA, and remained in the Far East until 1955, serving with 27 Heavy AA Regiment RA (Hong Kong) and as Staff Captain 'Q' at HQ Hong Kong and Kowloon Garrison. Between 1955 and 1968 he held a series of appointments as an Air Defence Gunnery Instructor and specialist in Air Defence guided missile weapons systems (including GSOR1 in MOD). From 1968 to 1971 he was a Ground Liaison Officer with No 1 Squadron AF West Raynham (Hawker Hunters) and RAF Wittering (Harriers). After three years as GSO2 Weapons at the Defence Operational Analysis Establishment, Byfleet, he worked as Deputy and later Assistant Schools Liaison Officer in HQ West Midlands District (Shrewsbury) before finally retiring in 1988, but not before embarking on an Open University course, gaining his BA in 1989.

Harry Jones was a most amiable character whose natural modesty and good humour belied a sharp intellect and fierce loyalty to his County Regiment. Shortly before his death he did one last service to his 2KSLI brothers-in-arms by writing a most compelling personal account of the D-Day Landings and of the hard-fought advance to Caen in those historic days of June and July 1944.