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 Colonel Eadie, commander

Symbol of the Yeomanry.

Staffs Yeo trail in World War II map (from regimental history)

Colonel Eadie, Staffs commander (left) with General Montgomery.

Tripoli, 1943. Officers of the Staffs Yeo in an unfortunately fuzzy photo.

Front row: Capt. (Q.M.) J.T. Hall, Capt. C. Nicholls, Capt. Hon. J.Y. Cunliffe-Lister, Major G.J.W. Turner, Major I.F.M. Spence, Lieut.-Col. J.A. Eadie, Major H. Meynell, Major C.R. Farquhar, Capt. P.B. Griffin, Capt. J.W. Wood, Capt. Rev. L.F. Foot

Centre row: Capt. L.G. Harper (R.A.M.C.), Capt. C.W. Eardley, Lieut. A.O. Batterick, Lieut. G.O. Firmin, Lieut. D.F. Manning, Lieut. H.J. Hebden, Lieut. D.F. Underhill, Lieut. H.R. Stewart, Lieut. G.W. How, Lieut. B. Harris, Lieut. T.G. Tyrell, Lieut. D.F. Alexander, Capt. T.H. Gardner

Back row: Capt. I.A. Norman, Lieut. J.L. Tiptaft, Lieut. F. Taylor, Lieut. R.D.M. Aegerter, Lieut. L.H. Knight, Lieut. L.R. Francis, Capt. W. Hindle, E.M.E., Lieut. C.F. Dixon, Capt. N.F. Neilson

Maps and diagrams below are from the regimental history (The Staffordshire Yeomanry (Q.O.R.R.) in the First and Second World Wars).

Armoured regimental group desert formation.

Battle of El Alamein: British and enemy dispositions, Oct. 23rd 1942.

Battle and breakout and pursuit.

Battles of Mareth and El Hamma: March 20-26 1943.

Advance to Enfidaville.

Yeomanry tanks on the hunt in Normandy.

Map of D-Day operations. German attack is in red. Staffordshire advance is in blue.

Simplified map of German attack from Caen and Staffs Yeo advance (in red).

Map of D-Day operations (from the regimental history)

Detail map of D-Day tank battle (from the regimental history).

Intelligence map from July 1944 showing Lebisey area.

Members of the 2nd KSLI with Staffs Yeo tanks, near Ranville, 18 July 1944. (Imperial War Museum B 7511)

As above. (Imperial War Museum B 7512)

Map of the Staffs Yeo Rhine Crossing (from regimental by Kemp).

Advance into Germany  (from regimental by Kemp).