This page contains First Division citations from World War II. The yellowed and torn citations were saved by a First Division soldier, Eusebio Galvan, and furnished to WarChronicle by his son. It's hoped that family members of these brave men will find this page and find new information. The names included in the citations are at left. The citations are at right.

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28 January 1944

Silver Star: Kenneth I. Wise, 7th Field Artillery (photo at right)

For gallantry in action in the vicinity of El Guettar, Tunisia, 30 March 1943. Private Wise voluntarily proceeded under heavy enemy machine gun, mortar and small-arms fire to establish an artillery observation post in advance of the foremost infantry elements. His successful accomplishment of this mission assured close artillery support and facilitated the advance of the infantry. (See full citation at right)

27 May 1944

Silver Star--Posthumous: Henry W. Shoup, Company E, 16th Infantry, Connerton, Pennsylvania

Silver Star: George J. Roark, Jr, 5th Field Artillery Battery, Pensacola, Florida

James H. Roberts, Service Company, 16th Infantry, Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan

Earl L. Duncan, 1st Quartermaster Company, Aiken, South Carolina

Chester J. Makaymowicz, Company G, 16th Infantry, Brooklyn, New York

Joseph W. Brady, Company M, 16th Infantry, Newark, New Jersey

27 May 1944

Silver Star: Calvin L. Ellis, Company E, 16th Infantry, Lewistown, Pennsylvania

Peter Gorbar,  Company G, 16th Infantry, Johnstown, Pennsylvania

Edward A. Plona, Company F, 16th Infantry, Pine Island, New York

Philip Streczyk, Company E, 16th Infantry, East Brunswick, New Jersey

Joseph A. Toth, Company E, 16th Infantry, Scranton, Pennsylvania

Harry L. Houston, HQ, Special Troops, 1st Division, Cynthiana, Kentucky

George W. Reedy, Company E, 16th Infantry, Falls Mill, Virginia

27 May 1944

Silver Star: John T. Szczygiel, Company E, 16th Infantry, Buffalo, New York

Benjamin E. Telinda, Company E, 16th Infantry, Edwardsville, Pennsylvania

Gene J. Elzas, Company K, 16th Infantry, Goldsboro, North Carolina

Phillip P. Pfister, Company G, 16th Infantry, Dunellen, New Jersey

Robert A. Price, Company F, 16th Infantry, Far Rockaway, New York

William D. Brownlee, 5th Field Artillery, Iva, South Carolina

William D. Laird, 5th Field Artillery, New Brighton, New York

Frank E. Belanger, Cannon Company, 16th Infantry, New York, New York

27 May 1944

Silver Star: William H. Miller, Company F, 16th Infantry, Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

Edward J. Stengel, Anti-Tank Company, 16th Infantry, West Allis, Wisconsin

Joseph A. Crouch, Company M, 16th Infantry, Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina

Eusebio Galvan, Company E, 16th Infantry, Santa Ana, California

Jack M. Hamby, Company E, 16th Infantry, Amarillo, Texas

Louis J. Raimundo, E Company, 16th Infantry, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Charles W. Tinsley, E Company, 16th Infantry, Luison City, California

27 May 1944

Oak Leaf Cluster to Silver Star--Posthumous:

[Remainder is not legible.]


17 February 1945

Silver Star--Posthumous: Richard Angelica, 745th Tank Battalion, Des Plaines, Illinois

Silver Star--Missing in Action: Henry J. St. Pierre, 33rd Field Artillery Battalion, Central Falls, Rhode Island

Silver Star: Martin E. Quinn, 745th Tank Battalion, East Chicago, Indiana

James A. Keller, 745th Tank Battalion, Mineral Wells, Texas

Harry E. Lintz, 634th Tank Destroyer Battalion, Peoria, Illinois

Martin M. Mirsky, Medical Detachment, 18th Infantry, Chicago, Illinois

Arthur S. Borgeson, 1st Medical Battalion, Park River, North Dakota

Donald Dortin, Company I, 16th Infantry

17 February 1945 (cont.)

Oak Leaf Cluster to Silver Star: Henry R. Sawyer, HQ 3rd Battalion, 18th Infantry, South Danbury, New Hampshire

Donald M. English, 745th Tank Battalion, Sheldon, Iowa

Eugene Highland, (illegible), Bristol, Pennsylvania

Metro Sheptock, Company M, 16th Infantry, Binghamton, New York

Eusebio Galvan, Company E, 16th Infantry, Santa Ana, California

Dale B. Willey, Company B, 18th Infantry, Harrington, Maine

William W. Hutley, Medical Detachment, 16th Infantry, Sharon, Pennsylvania

Bronze Star: James B. Carvey, HQ 3rd Battalion, 26th Infantry, New York

Claude R. Croft, I Company, 26th Infantry, Stanford, Kentucky

Grant C. Schwartz, HQ 3rd Battalion, 26th Infantry, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Arvid Berg, Company D, 18th Infantry

17 February 1945 (cont.)

Bronze Star: Rudolph W.Markwart, 1st Signal Company, Little Falls, New York

John Szoke, 1st Engineer Combat Battalion, New York, New York

Charles Costa, Company F, 18th Infantry, Brooklyn, New York

Richard W. Rhodus, 634th Tank Destroyer Battalion, Port Arthur, Texas

Harry E. Ludlow, 1st Signal Company, Louisville, Kentucky

Edward H. Price, HQ 1st Battalion, 26th Infantry, Anderson, South Carolina

Arnold A. Ralston, Cannon Company, 16th Infantry, Elkhorn, Wisconsin

Frank Kluz, Cannon Company, 16th Infantry, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Bernard E. Thompson, 32nd Field Artillery Battalion, Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania

Melvin C. Parish, C Company, 26th Infantry. Richey, Mississippi

Francesco DiCioccia, F Company, 18th Infantry, New York, New York

William C. Carson, HQ 2nd Battalion 18th Infantry, Palmyra, New York

17 February 1945 (cont.)

Oak Leaf Cluster to Air Medal: Robert L. Brietenbauch, 5th Field Artillery Battalion

Lloyd E. Hoeye, 5th Field Artillery Battalion, Mill City, Oregon

Joe M. Frost, 32nd Field Artillery Battalion, Pascagoula, Mississippi

Donald L. Piatt, 33rd Field Artillery Battalion, Portland, Oregon