Tuesday, January 18, 2012 | Day Nine

Camp Pendleton, Calif. The General Court Martial of SSgt Frank D. Wuterich was recessed unexpectedly without explanation in the middle of the cross-examination of squad member Humberto Mendoza.

Mendoza was expected to testify he heard Wuterich order his ad hoc fire team to mount an unlawful assault on two houses that held civilians.

During his examination by government prosecutor Lt Col Sean Sullivan, however, Mendoza testified he never heard Wuterich give any orders to assault the houses where 14 civilians were killed.

Wuterich is charged with nine counts of Voluntary Manslaughter and related offenses for his alleged misconduct at Haditha, Iraq on Nov. 19, 2005.


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Military Judge Lt Col David Jones offered no explanation for the unexpected recess. The trial is scheduled to resume at 0800 Pacific time Thursday.

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