Source The text comes from the fattest 16th Infantry file in the National Archives, a communications journal spanning many months. This entry is complete for the last day of fighting in the Europe. National Archives (College Park, Maryland), Rg. 407, 301-INF (16)- 0.7 "Journal", "Reports for 5 May 1945-7 May 1945", Box 5923.


7 May 1945


0015 -- PWI reports: 13 PWs from CT Baden; 5 men from the 3rd Bn of OCS; 6 men from R A D; 2 from the Airport Engineers; 8 stragglers; 1st Bn of the OCS, 12 men.

0017 -- Red 3 to Capt. Clark: A Co is on its objective. Rest of the companies buttons up for the night.

0019 -- 3rd Bn reports negative.

0020 -- Negative report to G-3 - new location of A Co given. F Company contacted A at 0300 hours at 420865.

0049 -- Capt. Clark to Lt. Evans: (Gave information concerning the contact patrol from F Company to A Company at 420865).

0055 -- PWI reports: 17 PWs from CT BATER; 7 from RAD; 3 from the 3rd  Bn of OCS; 4 from CT BENNECKE.

0100 -- White BN and Blue Bn gave negative reports; negative reports relayed to the G-3 office.

[NOTE: The battalions were code named red, white, and blue  for the first, second and third battalions, in that order.]

0200 to 0600 -- All of the units submit negative hourly reports; these are relayed to the G-3 office. (At 0330 hours Blue Bn reports that the L Co patrol  to contact G was late and that the contact was not made.) 3rd Bn was reminded to pick up the operations instructions at this CP.

0615 -- G-2, Lt. Hopkins, to S-3: Do you have any information on the town of FAIKENOV? It was to be surrendered to CCA this morning thru contact with the burgomeister. Ans: No, we have no information on that.

[NOTE: "Faikenov" is Falkenau, a town which held a concentration camp.]

0615 -- Blue Bn gives negative report.

0621 -- Mr. Lipinski to Red 3: Have the tanks from the 2nd Bn arrived yet? Ans: No. They were supposed to arrive at 0615 hours.

0622 -- Mr. Lipinski to White 3: Have the tanks left yet? Ans: Yes, if they haven't arrived yet, they might be lost. I will check up on them.

0630 -- S-3 to Blue 3: (Discussion concerns the possible surrender of  FAIKENOV this morning to the CCA). S-3: Contact with the Russians is possible today - there is to be no recon patrols miles beyond KARLSBAD. The 18th Infantry jumped at 0600 today to get the town at Pt 77.

0735 -- Red 3 to S-3: The light tanks haven't showed up yet. S-3: White called and said that they were on the way. I'll check again. Ans: Both companies are on the move.

0750 -- G-2 to Clark: The German garrison at FAIKVON, 5087, has surrendered to CCA. Enemy in town had been rounded up and were ready to surrender on the arrival of CCA. PW stated that German radio announced all hostilities had ceased and that all German troops should report home. (This report at 0725 hours.)

0753 -- S-3 to White Bn: Gives the above information.

0800 -- S-3 to Jaunt C (634th TDs): You had best stay where you are and keep a runner with our message center in case we need you.

0815 -- Lt. Lynch Div LO, reports: I of the 18th Inf is at 505780; L of the 18th at 385937.

0820 -- G-3 to Lt. Kestlinger: Stop all movement. Take local security.

0825 -- Lt. Kestlinger to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Bns: Gives the above word from G-3.

0835 -- S-3 to G-3: Anything more? Ans: No. The armored is at 580880.

0837 -- Lt. Moore to clerk: All companies have stopped.

0843 -- S-2 to G-2: What goes on? Ans: We do not know anything more yet.

0845 -- S-6 to Colonel Barnes: What is the score? Ans: We got a message which we passed on to you and we have not heard anything more.

0855 -- Radio Intercept to the 9th Armored: Cease all forward movement. Take local security measures as necessary, further instructions to follow. CG 1st Div (0825).

0910 -- Maj. Smith, White 5 to Lt. Kestlinger: G Co is at Pt 46. F Co at Pt 40, and E at Pt 36.

0920 -- Lt. Lynch Div LO to Lt. Kestlinger: General HUBNER told Gen ANDRUS that the war is officially over.

0931 -- S-2 to G-2: (Discuss the situation). G-2: A platoon of L Co of the 26th Infantry is in a fire fight at 3891. 

0935 -- Radio message from the 2nd Bn: Have 35 Volkstrumers. They did not fire on us. Were given orders to assist us with the policing of the town. Shall we set them free or take this as PWs? Ans: Set them free.

0940 -- S-2 to G-2: We had some Volkstrumers and did not take them PWs. Is that correct? Ans: That is right.

0955 -- Blue 2 to S-2: What is new? Ans: I do not know any more that I told you before. Blue 2: The 9th Armored is going East yet - down the road.

1010 -- G-3 to S-3: Will you give me your latest positions? Ans: (Gives out latest positions as previously listed.) G-3: General HUBNER says that the war is over. I would say that you should find out who fired the last shot.

1030 -- S-2 to Blue 2: We expect a large amount of surrendering enemy. You had better have a concentration area to put them in, if it is a Bn or over, the surrender terms will have to be held by Regt or Div. If they are in small groups, send them thru normal channels.

1032 -- S-2 to White 5: (The above given - same as to Blue 2). A roster will have to be made, in the case of large groups of surrendering enemy, and they will have to bring their kitchens and food stuffs with them.

1055 -- Pvt Kellog, 1st Bn, to S-2: We have 20 civilians who came into town and haven't eaten in a few days. Can we order the burgomeister to feed these people? Ans: Yes, tell him to house and feed them.

1105 -- Red 3 to S-3: C Co is 1300 yards NW of Pt 34. S-3: You will not move forward and you can assemble your CP in one area.

1115 -- Colonel Beck to Colonel Gibb: Here is a message from V-Corps dated 7 May - An agreement was signed by a high military person of unconditional surrender of Sea, Air, and land forces in Germany. This was signed at 0140 hours the 7th of May, and to become effective 0001 the 9th of May. Due to difficulties of communication it is possible that elements of the Germany army will not hear of surrender on 0001 9 May. It will be necessary to take defensive measures until such news can be gotten to all German troops.

1130 -- G-2 to S-3: Any persons you get today will be held in your area, if it is organized. If they are small groups, and stragglers, you will send them back.

1132 -- S-3 to Blue 6: The information as of item 1115 hours is given. Want you to run contact patrols to the 18th Infantry.

1133 -- S-3 to 1st Bn: I have a message for your S-1, which must be relayed to Colonel Driscoll - "continue to maintain contact with the 26th Infantry".       

1136 -- S-3 to White 6: The agreement has been made by the High German Hq for the surrender of all land, sea, and air forces. This was signed at 1408B 7 May. It becomes effective at 0900B May. The delay is due to bad communications amongst the German units. We will remain in our present positions and maintain security.

1155 -- Sgt. Schneider, PWI reports: 18 men from the Home Guard Bn; 4 stragglers; 10 from OCS.

1157 -- Lt. Chandler, White 2 calls from E Co and would like to have Captain Hall call back.

1158 -- G-3 to Lt. Kestlinger: 26th Inf runs from 345950 to 383910. 18th Inf A Company at 3399; B Co at 2998; I Co at 5278; K Co at 4876; L Co in SCHONFITCHT; 1st Bn complete in 5773; 2nd Bn in MINICHOV.

1207 -- White 2 to S-2: How about the PWs coming in large numbers? Ans: Any small numbers can come thru regular channels. Any in Co size or over - call me. White 2: Can we set up a camp here? Ans: To the best of my knowledge, yes. White 2: If we have a Russian camp - should we release the Russians and put PWs in the Camp? Ans: No.

1208 -- S-2 to Blue 2: (Gives information same as above on the surrender terms). Red 6: We picked up the rest of the company without firing. They claim they heard a broadcast announcing surrender. S-2: We are to maintain security.

1240 -- Blue 3 to S-3: Where are the leading elements, i.e., the closest elements of the 18th Inf? Ans: K is at Pt 55; I at Pt 65; L is below K Co outside of the town.

1250 -- G-3 to S-3: A plane, type unknown, carrying a representative of the German Hi-Command will land at airport 4 1/2 miles S of PILSEN at about 1530 hours today. Notify all units not to fire at this plane. (All units are notified.)

1345 -- Maj. Margolis, Mil Govt, to S-2: In the town of VILDSTEJN there is a PW camp that has about 200 Russians in it. Last night there was a guard on it; today there is no guard. Whose area is that in? Ans: 1st Bn, I will take care of it.

1347 -- S-2 to Red 2: Cannon Co is going to be detached from you, less the assault guns. This takes place this afternoon. Cannon Co is going into an assembly area in the vicinity of VILDSTEJN. Cannon Co will take over responsibility for the camp at VILDSTEJN. Red 2: B Co has 25 PWs; we are sending them in.

1505 -- Division to S-6: All enemy units that surrender will remain in place. Any stragglers will be turned over to these surrendering units for administration. Stragglers will be held by the Bns until complete units are located for administration.

1510 -- The above message was relayed to the Bns as follows - 2nd Bn, Capt. Scott; 1st Bn, Capt. Kolb; 3rd Bn, Capt. Booth.

1522 -- S-3 to Capt. Kolb, Red 3: Tie in with the people on your right and left by patrols. Cannon Co and the assault guns are to be taken away from you. Red 3: C Co is at Pt 33. B Co at Pt 34 and F Co at Pt 35.

1525 -- Capt. Murphy, 1st Engrs A Co, to S-3: There are 30 PWs locked up in VILDSTEJN. There has been no military government in there; the Burgomeister is carrying on, no arms or such, have been collected as yet.

1527 -- S-3 to 18th Inf: Would like to arrange a contact between our 3rd Bn and you. Ans: Our L Co is at 520786; I Co at 540785; K Co at 490770. S-3: We will contact your L Co. Patrols will be every three hours. We will start at 1600 hours; you contact us at 1900 hours -- and then we will alternate ever three hours. Our K Co is at 472795.

1530 -- PWI reports: We have 9 Volkstrum PWs.

1535 -- S-2 to Lt. McCain, Cannon Co: Cannon Co, less the assault guns are detached from the 1st Bn effective right now. You will move to the town of VILDSTEHN at 3805, and will have general control of the town. You will have the responsibility of taking over the PW camp there. (Check with the 1st Bn before moving).

1540 -- Sgt Parker, 18th Inf reports: The contact is OK and is being laid-on.

1541 -- Blue 2 to S-2: There is a military hospital in town at 396790. Staff of 7 and 31 patients. S-2: Put a guard on it. Will try and have them evacuated tomorrow.

1600 -- S-2 to G-3: Have our people at SELB been relieved? Ans: Yes. There is a new set-up on walking patients in hospitals. When they leave the hospital they go out as civilians, not as PWs.

1605 -- Clerk to Lt. Walker, Blue 2: The men guarding the hospital at SELB have been released. Capt. Hall would like you to arrange to pick them up. Blue 2: Have Capt. Hall call me please.

1630 -- S-2 to Maj. Robbins, 7th FA: Do you have guards on the camp in the town you are in? Ans: We have informed the people to stay inside from 1800 to 0600 hours. We also have 4 road blocks set up.

1635 -- PWI reports: 27 PWs from OCS. 4 men from RAD; 1 Volkstrum; 4 Home Guards; 10 Fortress AT 5-23; 6 CT EGER; 5 33rd Regt 15th Lettland Div. One each from 15 arty; 15 AA; 15 fusalier Bn; 15 Repl Bn; 42nd Regt 19 Lettland Div.

1700 -- S-2 to Blue 2: You will have to put a guard on the hospital tomorrow, if arrangements for evacuation cannot be made.

1702 -- PWI reports: 16 from OCS; 4 from RAD; (This information plus the above listing of PWs given to Division).

1730 -- S-2 to Blue 2: Two Nazi leaders by the name of LEY and HENLINE are supposed to be around I Co at GOLDORF. Blue 2: We know of no large estate around there where these people might be, but we will look for them.

1732 -- S-2 to PWI: One American and 2 English PWs are coming back from 3rd Bn. As soon as they come in send them to the Provost Marshall.

1740 -- S-3 to Blue 6: Danger has instructed us to put one company in FAIKNOV. There is a medical detachment from the 9th Armored Division there now. You can use the Antitank half tracks to get them there.

[NOTE: "Danger" was the code name  for 1st Division headquarters.]

1756 -- Blue 6 to S-3: Capt. Richmond was up there and he said one Co would be completely lost in there. It will need plenty of men there. It is really a Bn job. S-3: Do you want to put two companies in there? Ans: I would like an OK to move two Co's up there if I need them. There are at least 35 American PWs down there and several French. Ans: Move up there what you want to. You are responsible for the job, so move what you want.

1802 -- CIC, Lt. Bezley, to S-2: All but 350 worked in town today.

1827 -- Blue Bn to Clerk: K Co started to move to the town of FAIKNOV. It hasn't been decided as yet whether L Co will go or not.

1830 -- Lt. Lewellyn, MP officer, to S-2: The road blocks are organized. Do you expect any PWs tonight? Ans: There may be a few.

1840 -- Message signed 1500 B). From G-4 to Co 16th Inf: Surrendering enemy units will remain in place. Enemy stragglers will be turned over to surrendering units for administration. Signed: Andrus.

1842 -- Blue 3 to Capt. Clark: Maj. White said he would let me know where we would contact the 18th Inf? Ans: You contact 18th Inf I Co at Pt 66 at 2200 hrs and every 6 hrs after that. They will contact your L Co at 1900 hrs, and every 6 hrs after that. Blue 3 to S-2: Civilians reported at THURR, 421858, there is an ammunition dump. They reported some Germans there, so we went out and got them. Also at Pt 52 is a bridge with mines on it. Capt. Clark to Capt. Booth: I will tell the 18th Inf to contact your I Co, and if they can't do that, I will call you back.

1856 -- Capt. Clark to 18th Inf S-3: Our I Co at 453792 in place of our K Co. We will contact your L Co at 2200 hrs. Ans: OK.

1915 -- Capt. Clark to G-4: Did you want me? Ans: Yes. How many PWs did you take today? Capt Clark: 134 total. S-4: Clear them over to your cage tonight.

1920 -- Capt. Clark  to Lt. Lewllyn: Clear all PWs over to Division cage tonight.

1921 -- Capt. Clark to G-2: Total PWs today 134.

1923 -- Capt. Clark to Red 2: Do you have any prisoners on hand now? Ans: No. Capt. Clark: If you get any soon, send them right back as we want to get them to division cage before midnight because after that they are handled under a new policy.

1925 -- Capt. Clark gives information on PWs to White 2.

1927 -- Capt. Clark to Blue 3: Do you have any prisoners out there now? Ans: Yes, about 60 from I Co and 14 others. Capt. Clark: Div wants them all in before midnight and tomorrow they start a new policy.

2003 -- Maj. Margolis, Mil. Govt to Blue 3: Try to get word to the Col. and Lt. Walker in FAIKNOV that I will be up in that town tomorrow, and to have all males between 15 and 60 report to the Mayor's office at 1000 hours. Also, we want all arms, swords, etc., turned in tomorrow.

2030 -- Blue 3 to S-3: Have a message from Blue - he says town of FAIKNOV is in bad shape. Have two companies there now. K Co is on the north side of the river, and L Co on the East end of the town. One recon troop of the 9th Armored is there plus one medical unit. Moving I Co to Pt 58 and the CP to FAIKNOV as soon as we can. There is a camp on the NW side of town with 1000 women in it, all in bad shape physically.

2045 -- 18th Inf to Maj. White: I checked on that route of contact with the 3rd Bn, and it is no good. We would as soon not make any contact. Maj. White: OK, you'll secure your left flank then.

2047 -- S-3 to Blue 3: Talked to the Colonel about the situation in FAIKNOV. Nothing will be done tonight, but he will be up with the Medical Detachment first thing in the morning to look it over.

[NOTE: There is no mention of Falkenau in the Medical Detachment history.]

2130 -- PWI reports: Identifications - 21 PWs from OCS; 22 from RAD; two stragglers; 66 Jugoslavs; 1 from the Fortress AT Bn 5-23; 7 men from the Lettland Div.

2136 -- Red 3 to S-3: We are at Pt 25.

2150 -- All units submit negative reports.

2320 -- Blue 6 to S-3: I Co is at Pt 58; buttoning up; blocking roads; heard some armored on the high ground SE of Pt 58; K Co N of the river at Pt 57. L Co is south of the river in the town. A camp of 1000 women located in the town; also a camp with about 1500 Russians who are a troublesome group.   

2400 -- White Bn reports negative. A negative report for the CT-16 is given to G-3 office.