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Master Sergeant Russell E. Searcey
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Master Sergeant John Chapman
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First Lieutenant, Audie Murphy
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Lieutenant Michael P. Murphy
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Green Berets and SBS rescue CIA Agents

In November 2001, 2 CIA officers Johnny Spann and David Tyson, arrived at a fort in Afghanistan to interrogate captured foreign Al-Qaeda fighters.

After 2 hours, some of the prisoners suddenly stood up and attacked their captors with concealed grenades, and the suicidal manor of their attack shocked the Northern Alliance, and the prisoners quickly overran and killed Span.

Find out what happened next, by watching the video…

We’ve launched a veterans jobs board logo

New website to help veterans find jobs.

As many of you know by now, (but just in case you didn’t) this website is run by veterans so we know how hard the transition to civilian life can be.

When we left, the internet was in it’s infancy so finding information about life after the military was tough, especially around jobs and new career opportunities. This usually meant speaking to a career advisor or someone who had already left the military for advice on what to do next.

So, we created as a space online that would provide career advice, support, and list some of the best jobs and employers of veterans.

We wanted to create an online resource we wish we had access to all those years ago, helping to support our fellow veterans with the help they need to find jobs for veterans.

Please do check our new website out, and any feedback will be gratefully received.

share your story

Wherever you, or a member of your family, a loved one, whoever it might be. If they served, and you have a story to share, we’d love to hear it.

No matter your age, regiment, or deployment country we’d love to hear from you.

If you’d like to see your story featured on simply complete the form on this page, add pictures if you wish and once received, we’ll review it and then publish it.

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The Story of One Group of Heroes from D-Day to the End

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Explore the number of deaths of US, UK and other allied forces that died in World War Two, D-Day, Korean War and others.


British 3rd Division, D-Day

A History of the 3rd Division from the Invasion of Normandy to the Surrender of Germany.

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Silver Stars in Iraq

Discover some of the US soldiers that received the Silver Star, the third-highest military decoration for valor in combat whilst serving in Iraq.

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Hugh Victor Duke Remembered

Read the story of Temp.-Major Hugh Victor Duke, M.C. and Bar. of the Devon Regiment, who was killed in the invasion of Normandy

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A History of the 16th Infantry, US First Division, in World War two.

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