In the spring of 2002, Clarence Colson identified, to the best of his recollection, some members of the mortar squad in this photograph. The photograph is dated April 1942 and was taken at Fort Devens, Massachusetts.

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From left to right: Arthur Betancourt, Doyle H. Wiley, James E. Croft, and George W. Eswein

As Clarence Colson recalls...
Doyle Wiley didn't go overseas with the 16th. He went to a stateside training outfit and trained recruits. (Betancourt may have stayed in the states as well.)
Eswein was killed (maybe in North Africa). He was guarding a supply area when a shell got him.
Croft was killed.

Clarence thought that one of the unidentified men in the photo above was Paul S. Abbott--but which one, he wasn't sure.

From left to right: Clarence Colson, Robert E. Emerson, G.R. Garett