Badge of the Royal Regina Rifles (Canada Dept. of National Defense). Emblazoned on the regimental colours are battles honors. World War I honors are Mount Sorrel, Flers-Courcelette, Vimy 1917, Passchendaele, Amiens, and Cambria, 1918. World War II honors are Normandy Landing, Bretteville-L’Orgueilleuse, The Orne, Falaise, Leopold Canal, Moyland Wood.

Lieutenant-Colonel F.M. Matheson, Southampton, England, 14 April 1944.

Regina Rifles in training exercise. Two-inch mortar crew in foreground lay down high explosive and smoke bombs for advancing infantry (visible, spread out, at middle right).

Reading pre-invasion notes from Eisenhower. Left to right: Ship Adj. Capt. G.S. McKay, O.C. Ship Lt. Col. P.L.M. Battye, Ship’s captain Capt.  T.W. McAllen, Maj. A.W. Gregory (Regina Rifles), and Chief Officer J.P. Aplin. (National Archives of Canada PA 137131

The 1st Battalion, The Regina Rifle Regiment, Assault Landing at Courseulles, France, June 1944. Painting by O.N. Fisher, 1950.

From Courseulles to Caen

Members of Headquarters Company, Regina Rifles, admire a tattooed Frenchman. 15 June 1944. (National Archives of Canada PA 169259

Personnel of the Regina Rifles inside the wreckage of a building. From left to right: Riflemen Nick Lingor, Bert Colwell, Steven Pelepink, and Jimmie Herriott. (National Archives of Canada PA 162698

Mortar crew, Headquarters Company, Regina Rifles, Normandy, around 10 June 1944. (National Archives of Canada PA 132430

Personnel of D Company, Regina Rifles, occupying forward position, Normandy, around 10 June 1944. Photographer: Donald I. Grant (National Archives of Canada PA 129402