Defend Our Marines – Ride Rally AA

Defend Our Marines News * 1 July 2007

Ride & Rally for the Haditha Marines: After Action Report

Leaving Seattle, June 23

Sacramento, June 26

Camp Pendleton, June 28

The response to the ride and rally was phenomenal. In many places, at many times between June 23rd and the 28th, people made standing up for the Marines their priority.

I take this from the mouths of the supporters.

The parents of a Marine who saw us off in Seattle said, “Should we go to support them or not? It’s over 50 miles from our house and early in the morning on Saturday. But it’s the PRIORITY.”

These Marine parents drove 50 miles to give Don Dinsmore a send-off on June 23 for his I-5 corridor ride (see map below)

All along the 1,422-mile route, those who realized the significance of the ride treated their participation, no matter how insignificant they felt their part was, as a PRIORITY.

Share your soldiers story with us like hundreds of soldiers have already done.


And the PRIORITIES won.

I shunned the news media and yet the Priority thinkers contacted them and encouraged the media to cover this Priority event. Reporters from the North County Times, San Diego Union-Tribune, NBC San Diego were there because you called or e-mailed and told them to be there.

The press talks to Don at the gates of Pendleton, June 28

I rode and the Priority thinkers followed the ride from all over the country on Priority thinkers’ web sites: Free Republic, Conservative Thoughts, Defend Our Marines

The Priority thinkers didn’t politically bicker about who was being supported. They just supported the Marines and our Nation, as it should be run. And Marines came out to the main gate at Pendleton and saw that we were there.

Marines listen to a speech as the press takes notes.

Passing motorists waved and stopped to talk when they saw our flags and signs all along the I-5 corridor. I passed out flyers at every rest stop and spoke to total strangers who asked me about the Marines. We collected many envelopes filled with cash that will be delivered to the Military Combat Defense Fund–a fund that so far has raised $80,000 for Marines who could be deprived of their freedom by the same government who sent them to war.

Riders and supporters (including Gold Star Marine dad, Mike Anderson) in Stockton, California give contributions to the defense fund.

Another check in the mail to the SSgt. Frank Wuterich Fund.

Don stops to “meet and greet” at Renegade Classics in Bakersfield, June 27

Trust me, a small insignificant motorcycle ride turned some heads and shook some constitutions because of you who saw it as a priority.

Supporters of the 3/5 and 3/1 Marines stood together.

A 3/1 mom takes part at the rally.


For those who lent their support for the Ride and Rally, in so many ways, thank you.

For those who haven’t yet joined this cause, please join up now. Make this a priority before it’s too late.

The Marine in this picture has one thing on his mind, protecting us. And he is one insignificant Marine…Yeah right! You are one insignificant Citizen…Yeah right!  Priority!  Priority! Priority

Capt. Jeffrey Dinsmore, 3/1 Marines, currently deployed in Iraq

What next?

This was one event. Much more needs to be done.

Organize a ride of your own. We’ll put our support behind you in any way we can.

Make a donation to help the accused get the defense they deserve. How about giving a nickel for every mile I rode? Write out a check for $71.10 and put it in the mail today. Make this a priority!

Every donation counts, every dollar counts. Just read the appeal from LCpl. Stephen Tatum’s parents and see what these honest, hard-working people are up against.

Send e-mails, make phone calls, to talk shows and news programs. LCpl. Justin Sharratt was all but fully exonerated at the end of his hearing. When tested in a hearing, the story as reported by Time magazine and Congressman Murtha was proven to be false. Why is there nothing but stone-cold silence from the media? Where are the likes of Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly on this story?

Let the media know our defenders are a priority to you.

God bless,

Defend Our Marines