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D-DAY: 6 JUNE 1944


US 4th Division: Seaborne assault

First by sea: Harvey Olson, American soldier

US 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions: Airborne assault

Normandy picture file


US 1st Division, 16th Regiment: Site contents

Until the Victory is Won: Unsung Heroes of D-Day

Summary of the Regimental Situation on D-Day Prisoner of war summary: 6 to 30 June 1944

Casualty figures from 6 to 8 June 1944

Comments and Criticism on Operation “Neptune"

16-E on D-Day  

Movements of Spalding Group  

John Spalding interview  

"Omaha Beachhead" excerpt

"Cross-Channel Attack" excerpt

Map of Spalding advance

Omaha beach assault

Solders' tales

US 29th Division: D-Day casualties


British 50th Division: "Victory in the West" excerpt

D-Day order of battle

2nd Devons

5th East Yorks

50th Division picture file

"We Landed on D-Day"

Solders' tales


Canadian 3rd Division: Canadian 3rd Division: Order of Battle

Canadians in Normandy picture file

"Victory Campaign": Normandy landings

Canadians on Juno Winnipeg Rifles D-Day War Diary

Little Black Devils: Winnipeg Rifles

Queen's Own Rifles of Canada

Regina Rifles

First Hussars in Normandy: Part One / Part Two

Solders' tales


British 3rd Division: The division story

D-Day assault 

D-Day order of battle

"Welcome to Normandy", 21 August 1944

The landings on Sword  

Sword beach D-Day assault units

Sword of Fire

2nd East Yorks

2nd KSLI

2nd KSLI D-Day War Diary

Hugh Victor Duke, company commander, 2nd Devons, killed on D-Day

"We Landed on D-Day" Lt. Col Nevill, 2nd Devons CO

"W" Company, 2KSLI, in Normandy by Major R.R. Rylands

Personal Account of 6 June to 9 July 1944 by Harry Jones, platoon leader

Solders' tales

Armor: Staffordshire Yeomanry in Normandy

D-Day War Diary  

Intelligence map of Lebisey area: July 1944

Staffs Yeo picture file

British 6th Airborne Division: The Airborne Assault on D-Day


Bieville Picture File

Boys on D-Day interview

Claire Bouriez interview

Letter from Normandy Mme. Bouriez of Bieville

Liberation of Bieville by Philippe Bouriez

Normandy Diary of Marie-Louise Osmont 

Liberation of Beuville by Madeline Marie LeFrançois


D-Day casualty estimates from Stacey's Victory Campaign

D-Day numbers from Ellis' Victory in the West

Also see unit casualty figures in The First Division in America's Wars

29th Division D-Day casualties

The British 3rd Division.