Defend Our Marines – Blue Star Dad Motorcycle Run

Defend Our Marines News * 9 June 2007

Blue Star Dad Organizes West Coast Motorcycle Run to Show Support for the Haditha Marines: June 23-28

A motorcycle ride is being organized to start at Seattle, Washington and finish at the Main Gate of Camp Pendleton, Oceanside California.

The main compliment of riders will be veterans of all branches of our military who are fed up with the way the Marine Corps and the political community are treating the Marines, mainly the men of Kilo Company, 3rd Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment, the ‘Thundering Third.’

These Marines fought in Haditha and returned home the champions that they are, only to find themselves indicted on charges from murder to cover-up.

These charges have stemmed from an incorrect article in Time Magazine, as well as some politicians who seem to have jumped to conclusions without stopping to get facts. 

The facts were brought forth by men, such as a Bronze Star winning Intelligence Officer who viewed the whole incident by unmanned camera aircraft and accumulated log books and reams of data that exonerates all the Marines of K/3/1. This evidence seems to be pushed aside by the politically motivated opportunists.

Share your soldiers story with us like hundreds of soldiers have already done.


The question now arises for the parents and family of military individuals on deployment in Iraq…

  • ‘Does my son or daughter or husband or wife have to get shot before they can legally defend themselves?’

  • ‘How do they distinguish between an insurgent or an Iraqi citizen being used as a shield by an insurgent.’

  • ‘Could my son go to prison for five years and be dishonorably discharged from the military that he loves because he fought for his country?’

  • ‘Will the facts be pushed aside and incorrect reporting believed to the detriment of our war heroes, our family members and friends who have sacrificed all for our freedom?’

That is politically incorrect!

The veterans of the past and family of current military are not going to stand for it.

On Saturday morning, June 23, 2007 at 8AM veterans from the Northwest will meet at the South Center Mall in Tukwila, Washington, and prepare to depart at 9AM for destination Main Gate, Camp Pendleton.

We plan to arrive sometime Thursday, June 28th.

We don’t intend to block traffic of cause any discomfort whatsoever to other Americans. We fought for their rights, too and we intend to make their day, not wreck their day. 

At this late date it is realized that some who would want to go, but can’t, may want to ride a short distance to show they’re support. Our colors will be Old Glory, the Stars and Strips will fly from the back of each motorcycle.

Some of the riding veterans will carry a container for donations to be given to the Defense Fund upon arrival at Camp Pendleton.

This ride is open to every American who wants to support our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Those who don’t have motorcycles or can’t ride will want to go to the overpasses near their homes and wave flags as the motorcycles travel down Interstate 5.

Normal regrouping locations will be the numerous Rest Stops along the way. We will ride daylight hours only, because our intentions are visibility to American Citizens, so that we may all show support together.

Veterans and military family members from other parts of the country who want to participate may want to meet the ride at some location on Interstate 5 that is more convenient to their location. This ride is spontaneous and is designed to meet every American’s desire to show support to our military heroes.

We want ‘No Man Left Behind.’

This page will be updated with itinerary and progress reports so you can join the ride as it passes through your community or just give them your support!

Defend Our Marines