An Oscarfor Murtha?
Newmovie brings senile lawmaker’s
lies about Haditha to life

The Battle for Haditha, an upcoming motion picture
previewed at Cannes, claims to present a true story.

Actually, it is a dramatization of Congressman Murtha’s
now discredited account of the Haditha “massacre”.

While Murtha may have no direct involvement with the
film, it is the latest example of the ongoing damage his
distortions have done.

We’ve passed the point where an apology from Murtha
will suffice. He must correct the record as loudly as he
created the myth.

Share your soldiers story with us like hundreds of soldiers have already done.

Had to skip Cannes this year? Here are the opening titles of a preview you missed:


Yes, later this year, director Nick Broomfield claims he’ll show the world the “unflinching truth” about Haditha.

There is no actual screenplay. Actors improvised their lines (which, for the actors playing Marines, means shouting obscenities while they shoot innocent civilians in cold blood).

But Congressman Murtha should get credit for the original story. It was his tall tale that was accepted as the “truth” by the media worldwide. Soon moviegoers can catch it at the Multiplex.


In The Battle for Haditha, an IED blast kills and wounds Marines. Their comrades vow revenge. Opportunity is at hand: a white taxi filled with young Iraqis is handy. They are viciously gunned them down, one by one.


Pictured above:

After an IED blast, stressed-out Corporal Ramirez (played by ex-Marine Elliot Ruiz)
guns down innocent Iraqis beside a white taxi in revenge.

Pictured above:

In the first two frames, stressed-out and vengeful Marines shoot
an unarmed Iraqi inside a house.
In the second two frames, a peace-loving Iraqi is gunned
down by yet another stressed-out Marine outside.

It was Murtha who largely created the “truth” depicted in this movie. For political gain, he went far beyond the speculation in Time magazine and asserted allegations were fact. And he was believed because his story had the imprimatur of his office as a United States congressman.

Words have consequences. Murtha must be held to account.

David Allender
Defend Our Marines
July 12, 2007

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