Defend Our Marines – LtCol Chessani

December 9, 2009

Chessani Case – Shelbourn, Muise. Email post by H. Hamilton. The report from a concerned CA citizen attending the Board of
Inquiry for LtCol Jeffrey Chessani.

Share your soldiers story with us like hundreds of soldiers have already done.


  • Today (12-08-09) started with LtCol Kevin Gonzalez who was GREAT AND 3-4 HOURS!
  • Brigadier General Lewis Craparotta (Board member) and the Defense stopped the ongoing, ad nauseum questioning of witnesses since Board already has testimony…
  • Lieutenant Colonel Brian Christmas (under Colonel Stephen Davis who says Davis is his hero) was great and another Chessani protagonist who was with Davis 19 Nov ’05…
  • Colonel Christopher Conlin was there but they’ve cancelled him, Colonel David Furness too…
  • Colonel Julian Alford spoke in the afternoon — he has been with Chessani throughout their careers and reassured the Board that IF there was any question of the LAW OF WAR being broken, Chessani would have investigated…
  • Lieutenant General Natonski (USMC Forces Command) was there…  He said EVERY civilian kill, every time, should be investigated — pretty funny when the Defense asked him if that went for the 2nd Battle for Fallujah and he had to say “No” — he added that all civilians had been asked to leave so they were “pretty sure” all kills were insurgents…  yeah, right…   BUT when he started, everything he said was what Chessani HAD done, LTG Natonski was saying things about trusting subordinates to get you the right info was essential (Chessani did!), that it was a “Marine’s duty” and the “expectations” were to trust the reports coming up and with ensuing correctional reports changes made (Chessani and Davis did!).  SO when asked why he’s relieved Chessani of his command, LTG Natonski said it was more than just the killings…  It was also:

o The Humvee that tipped over (oh goodness!  My son-in-law as a 1st Lt.
o ran a Humvee into a small canal on his first time out in the thing which was great fun for his entire platoon making fun of his “education!!! …He’s now a Company Commander…)
o A HAZING that took place (Oh NO not a hazing!! In the military?!!  I thought that was just for college kids and Boy Scouts!)
o The Sky news episode that maybe Don or Clo knows about — something with a sniper? (They probably killed a nice insurgent…)
o A (better sit down…) HIGH STAKES poker game…  Yup, the amount:  TWO tril… mmmil… no, thousand dollars… that’s $2,000.00 — TOTALLY OUT OF CONTROL…

  • When LTG Natonski was done and heading for the door we all had to stand…As he approached the door, he looked neither left nor right…  I was at the door so out of respect for the man who had spoken of THE RIGHT THINGS TO DO, I opened it for him AND his minion followed, neither one saying THANK YOU…..  So I put my head out the door and loudly whispered, “YOU’RE WELCOME!” at his back — @?#*~!

  12/09 witnesses:  8:00am

1. Major General Richard P. Mills (by phone from Afghanistan) Commander, 1st Marine Division.
  2. Major Dinsmoor
  3. Major McConnell
  4. Hyatt

  12/10 Thursday

  1. Allen
  2. Jessop
  3. Shaw (?)
  4. Merritt
  5. Drake
  6. Toolan

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