From Sharratt Family

On 9 August 2007, our son LCpl Justin Sharratt was exonerated of murder charges stemming from an incident in Haditha, Iraq. Our family rejoiced at the news, but deep within we knew it was not over. Thousands of Americans shared our happiness, but they too knew it was not over.

On Monday, 31 March, my son’s brother and squad mate, LCpl Stephen Tatum will go to court martial on various charges stemming from the ambush on 19 November 2005. Our prayers and support reach out to John, Stephanie, LCpl Stephen and the Tatum family. May God guide them through these troubling times and help his lawyers achieve his final vindication, exoneration of these charges.

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Stephen and Justin fought side by side in the 2004 Battle for Fallujah. They watched comrades fall at the infamous Hell House. The two formed a bond which has also joined our families. They were roommates until Justin was discharged from the Marine Corps. Friends and brothers till God takes them from this earth. The Sharratt family will be with him through these heavy times.. in spirit and prayer.

God Bless Our Haditha Marines

Darryl, Theresa, Jaclyn, former LCpl Justin Sharratt