Postponement – 4th SEPT 2010

September 4, 2010

The general court martial of SSgt Frank Wuterich has been postponed due to the serious injury of a former NCIS crime scene reconstructionist injured in a fall. SSgt Wuterich was scheduled to go on trial September 13, 2010.

Neal Puckett, lead attorney for Wuterich, said military judge LtCol David M. Jones, currently stationed in Okinawa, has postponed the trial until November 1. This will give time for the witness to recover from surgery for serious injuries to his hands and legs, Puckett said.

Prosecutor Major Nicholas Gannon informed Puckett late Thursday that former NCIS Special Agent Mike Mahoney sustained the injuries when he fell from a cliff while recreating with his son. Mahoney is the government’s expert on what happened in the houses where civilians died at Haditha.

The so-called ‘Hutchins Motion’ hearing seeking dismissal of the charges will go on as scheduled, Puckett said.

“We have to remain pessimistic the trial will go forward and we have to continue to prepare,” Puckett said.


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