Photographs of Corporal Klos and Captain Gower are courtesy of The Royal Winnipeg Rifles Regimental Museum, Minto Armoury, 969 St. Matthews Ave., Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, R3G OJ7.
Thanks to Alan Fairbairn for his considerable time and trouble.

Canadians, sometime before D-Day, aboard an LCT.

Winnipeg Rifles in house clearing exercise, 22 April 1944. (National Archives of Canada PA 162247)]

The 1st Battalion, The Regina Rifle Regiment, Assault Landing at Courseulles, France, June 1944. Painting by O.N. Fisher, 1950.

On D-Day, the reserve brigade lands after Juno was secured.

German prisoners captured by Canadians on Juno beach on D-Day are escorted to landing craft for transfer to England. (National Archives of Canada PA 133742)

Map from VICTORY CAMPAIGN showing German forces in blue. Courseulles is on the left, Caen at lower right.

Map from VICTORY CAMPAIGN showing eastern assault. Gold beach is to the left, Sword to the right, with Juno in the middle.

Overall invasion map with details regarding Juno. Gold beach is at left, Sword is on the right, and Juno is in the center. (Directorate of History, Canadian Forces Headquarters).


W.J. “Bull” Klos
B Co., Winnipeg Rifles
England, June 1943, killed on Juno beach, D-Day


 Phil Gower
Commanding Officer
B Co., Winnipeg Rifles
England, June 1943

Monument to the 3rd Division on Juno beach

Wounded await evacuation on Juno beach. (National Archives of Canada PA 133971)

Two French civilians who helped Canadian soldiers at the time of the invasion by telling them where Germans had fled and where mine fields were located. (National Archives of Canada PA 169265) 

Civilians cart away what they can from the wreckage of Bernieres.  (National Archives of Canada PA 132725) 

Lance Corporal W.J. Curtis, Royal Canadian Army Corps, fixes the burned leg of a French boy while his younger brother looks on. (National Archive of Canada PA 141703)

Members of Headquarters Company, Regina Rifles, admire a tattooed Frenchman. 15 June 1944. (National Archives of Canada PA 169259)

Map of operations in Le Mesnil-Patry and the Mue Valley, 11 June 1944. (From THE VICTORY CAMPAIGN)

A Sherman medium tank, French tri-color  hung from its aerial, leads a column. (National Archives of Canada PA 132801). 

General H.D.G. Crerar (left) with Major H.F. Dalton (center) and Captain W.G.A. Gillespie of the QOR of C. 21 June 1945 (NA of Canada PA 136162)

Large color showing area between Tilly sur Seulles and Carpiquet (including Mesnil-Patry). (From VICTORY IN THE WEST)

An officer of the Winnipegs (left) with Brigadier J.G. Spragge, 7th Canadian Infantry Brigade, observing troops, 30 August 1944, Gouy, France. (National Archives of Canada PA 132816)

Aerial photo of Authie, July 6, 1944
Courtesy: C. de Jacquelot)